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Update Notes:

*Revised the Trait Point system. You can now invest your points into traits that raise multiple stats. You can also access your Trait Point menu by pausing.
*Added in some new skills, which include defending and shield bash for shield users, 6 new high level spells for each attribute, spell meld for elementalists, blitz, reverse slash, and windmill for close combat, chain shot, and arrow storm for archers. And some new neutral magic which is used in combination with physical combat, including mana slash, ripper shot, and buster shot, and mana shield for anyone in general.
*Enemy drop rates were lowered, and its now possible for enemies to block and counter. Also, enemies that inflict ailments can do so at different rates for each enemy.
*Beginner packages were modified to include some of the new skills. Trainers for these skills have also been added to the starting town.
*Some new shields and gauntlets have been added, which raise the user's magic attributes.
*Greatly raised the stats of players and enemies, which will allow for better versatility for future content.
*Magical attribute powers/resistances have been set as character stats. Features for passively blocking/countering have also been set as character stats. There are now stats for resisting poison, paralysis, and daze ailments.
*Emblems have increased effects on the player.
*The growth system from spending Trait Points has been revamped.
*Equipment slots for Techniques and Magic have been removed; there are now 4 hotkey slots that a player may assign their skills to.
*Prices slightly increased for potions.
*Fixed a bug when trying to rotate party members while in a shop.
*Chances of encountering an ambush slightly decreased. In some areas, a stray ambush monster (native to the area) will randomly appear among a common mob.
*Reverted healing effectiveness back to its original formula.
*Slight adjustments made to enemy AI.
*Fixed a glitch regarding missions.
*Slight changes made the equipment stats.
*Fixed glitch with the Divine Aegis skill.
*Made it so player should stop moving after switching party members.
*Lowered the prices of the Poison Vial and Warding Crystal.
*Rebalanced HP and DEF rates for armor. Increased MAG rate for robes, wands, and staves.
*Increased ATK and MAG rate of mobs.
*Sight Emblem gives 5 HIT instead of 3.
*Elemental gear raises the attribute by 10 instead of 5.
*Greatly improved lag.
*Fix the AIs of ranged-based enemies.
*Hidden items are now scattered throughout the beta-world.
*Drop-rates decreased.
*Enemy HP, ATK, and resistances greatly increased.
*Gale Burst has less knock back, and graphics for its charged version have been enlarged. Earth Tremor radius slightly increased, but no longer effective against flying enemies.
*ATK rate increased for many weapons. DEF slightly adjusted for armors and shields. Armor now greatly increases the wearer's HP.
*Healing effectiveness has been doubled. Chances of Cover being triggered decreased.
*Took measures to lower lag.
*Added in the prologue.
*Added in beginner packages, which allow the player to purchase preset equipment after starting a new game.
*Monsters now have an evasion stat, which cancels out the player's HIT.
*Fixed some glitches related to certain monster attacks.
*When charged up, Gale Burst now fires 2 projects that follow a "boomerang" flight path.
*Raised the MP cost for Gale Burst and Shadow Wave.
*Lowered drop rate for common monsters. Added in a tutorial.
*Fixed error that would appear when a player dies.
*Fixed player from not coming to a complete stop when getting paralyzed during movement.
*increased elemental vulnerability for the elemental spirits.
*Fixed glitched where projectiles would hit dead enemies, even after their corpse vanished.
*Added in 2 new dark magics; Dark Barrier, and Retribution.
*Flamberge has been changed to reflect the short sword instead of the rapier. It now only has the [Slash] tag, and has more attack width and lass distance. The ATK however has been slightly increased.
*Aim is now a Combat Arts sub-skill, and takes 3 SP to use.
*Fixed glitched when using Combat Arts with a knife, where the damage boost was often ignored.
*Weapons with elemental affinities now have the [Magic] tag.
*Made AoE attacks trigger slightly faster. Set up scripts to prevent enemies from using AoE attacks after being defeated.
*Buff and ailment timers should pause while a message box is loaded. Ailments that were active upon saving a game will be removed when the game is loaded.
*Buffed the stats of some ambush mobs.
*Mage Bolt now uses 2 stamina, and the damage is reduced by an enemy's DEF.
*All projectile attacks will hit an enemy upon reaching a certain distance from them, making aiming slightly easier.
*Altered stats on various equipment, in hopes of adding more balance.
*All characters now have Combat Arts and Mage Bolt as their starting skill/magic, both which cannot be forgotten. These abilities do not take up any skill slots, nor use any Trait Points.
*Blitz has been removed from the game, and Graceful Slice was added in as a new skill.
*Heavy Blow, Penetrate, and Graceful Slice are now treated as sub-skills, which power-up Combat Arts upon learning.
*Enemy stats and elemental resistances have been adjusted, to further improve balance in gameplay.
*Doppleganger and Phantom have been added in as new ambush mobs.
*Certain mobs have been given the ability to use AoE magic.
*Lowered the HP of many ambush mobs.
*Increased gold drop rate.
*Selecting stat upgrades should now lower the available upgrades.
*Fixed glitch where mobs wouldn't show up upon starting a new game.
*Summoners now have a limit to how many enemies they can have summoned at once.
*Lowered the HP of the summoners.