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001 Game Creator v1.018.004

Postby Mike » Wed Mar 15, 2017 3:20 pm

Both 001 itself and the MMORPG template have been updated in many ways, leaving most of the functionality intact.

The MMORPG template now uses a different set of actor templates. You're best to switch to these as they make creating NPCs considerably simpler. The wiki will be updated about this shortly.

Issues surrounding degrading performance have been solved, likely improving the performance of not just the MMORPG template, but every other game out there that takes advantage of spawning actors or fields. Memory usage overall is likely to improve in large games.

Remember, if you want to update your MMORPG project, you must use the "Update Resources" feature from the "Tools" menu. If there are any upgrading issues, please let us know in a support thread and we'll help you out.

-Made it warn when testing/building HTML5 games with network messages.
-Fixed not closing file handles when re-entering a built game.

-Fixed IP addresses being treated as numbers in global variables on computers where periods act as thousandths separator.
-Made dedicated server builds run without graphics with a legacy option to play it as if it were a game; will not be used during testing to ensure debuggers can still be used properly.
-Added "Console Input" system script for dedicated server console with "input" parameter containing the inputted text.
-Added "Using Console" use value which returns true when a built dedicated server console is being used.
-Made MMORPG template take advantage of the console.
-Fixed incorrectly showing loading screen when "Reset Interface" was used.
-Made map editor's actor pointer rotation snap to angles when shift key is pressed.

-Made default 3D angle be lower for better perspective (improves usage in editor).
-Made it easier to add/remove switches, collections, tables and global/local/map/interface/actor variables.
-Made "Enable/Disable Idle Pose" force walking when idle pose is disabled.
-Fixed occasional crash when using unit fields with negative value/max.
-Made vehicle max speed no longer automatically affected by gas and health; added legacy option to have the old behaviour back.
-Fixed spawn timer producing simultaneously more actors than they should; especially worsened when actors were deleted in their killed trigger.
-Fixed memory leaks when creating/spawning actors/fields with many scripts or value retrieving.
-Improved memory usage of maps containing actors with many scripts.

-Improved performance of "Find in Collection" use value.
-Added "Starting Index" option for "Find in Collection" use value.
-Renamed "Find in Table" to "Find in Table Axis", and clarified descriptions.
-Added new "Find in Table" table use value, used for the purposes of searching all axes of a table.
-Made it error when there were more arguments than required parameters for custom events and network messages.
-Made error messages include number of parameters expected/provided with respect to custom events and network messages.
-Made it error when delaying a dynamically created script.
-Added "Game Tick" use value to return the number of milliseconds that have passed since the last game frame.
-Added "Net" debugger for viewing sent/received network messages.
-Added timer option to append number to spawned actors' names to make all actors' names unique.
-Made non-per-pixel mouse enter/move/leave based on actor collision when available, rather than estimated visual region.

-Fixed game crashing with corrupt collision data.
-Fixed crash when loading a saved game with players on different maps.
-Improved update mechanism.
-Fixed random "Can't open clipboard" errors.
-Fixed icon from disappearing from the built game startup menu.
-Fixed performance degradation issues.
-Fixed issues with pressing enter on NPC's.
-Fixed Inventory/Magic/Equipment interfaces from not properly disabling side-menus.
-Added various "safety" checks with networking messages.
-Fixed various death crashes.
-Fixed issues related to having dialogues up while switching maps/being killed.
-Added auto-save feature.
-Added debugging mode for instant login.
-Fixed not properly showing right direction when targetting self and attacking.

-Added "info" command.
-Added base templates for easier NPC creation.
-Removed default NPC actor templates, moved into "Dynamic Actors".


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Re: 001 Game Creator v1.018.004

Postby RamchuK_Ntertainment » Fri Mar 17, 2017 1:58 pm

Always looking forward to performance improvements! :D

P.S: How long does it usually take to push updates to Steam?
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