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Life or Jashulokowa Demo v0.1
by InsaneToe

This is currently a short DEMO! Nowhere near done or anything. It's simply used to show some people the game.

This is a text based game. You will choose how you will survive from the before the apocalypse until after. You choose whether you live o ...
Videogame Fight
by Dipper

Videogame Fight v.1.3 PC - Dipper Videogame - This game is fighting, with several characters for you to choose and fight! Every character is an authentic skill and power. There are several maps for you to play, and each map will be a specific theme o ...
The Minute GamerThe Minute Gamer
by epsilon017

Have you wanted to play a game for only a moment, but can't put it down and feel satisfied? Or perhaps you're tired of having to learn a bunch of complex controls and parameters? Well look no further! The Minute Gamer is a compilation of various " ...
Blood Curse
by 2dark4light

Fantasy action adventure!
one year after a horrible war, Drewth, the legendary knight that ended the war by slaying the tyrannical wizard that instigated it, was forgotten to the world. He spent that one year in solitude studying magic to under ...
The Legendary PlayerThe Legendary Player Alpha 0.1.5
by ThunderbolT

*****English Version*****

The game is based on reputation building, and addresses the issue by bringing causes and consequences during reputational training or how to maintain them after being acquired.


The story to be told ...
Zombie Survival game
by Rico

This is the spot where the zombie survival game I'm making will be put, all details posted here will change once I am ready to upload the game........................................... ...
Quiz League of Legends
by CSISanAndreas

Perguntas e repostas de league of legends demo
divirta-se com varias perguntas sobre este jogo mundialmente conhecido e teste
o seu cérebro para saber o quanto você conhece sobre o jogo ...
Dungeon BlitzDungeon Blitz
by epsilon017

This was created for the unofficial game jam (Theme being, a 10 minutes game with replayability). In this game, you are in the middle of the dungeon and must find your way to the boss. On your way to finding the boss, monsters will attempt to stop ...
by RamchuK_Ntertainment

SNAKE-X is a classic revive of the infamous Nokia SNAKE game, but from a modern perspective. Minimalistic in design, it is a dedicated attempt to reinvent the arcade spectacular and challenge players in a truly vigurous environment. Simple to play bu ...

ZOMBIES é um jogo Survival.
Você é Alex um Civil em meio a um surto zombie,e esta dentro de sua casa de boa quando um zombie invade e você deve pegar a faca no chão e matar ele.
-Idiomas nativos português e Inglês.
-Armas podem q ...
SwordmanSwordman Demo

Swordman é um jogo de luta 2D ação,lute contra bandidos,fazendeiros,orcs e robôs do mal.
os inimigos tem animação,dormindo e braços pro alto. você pode se esquivar de ataques ou atacar antes,mapa inicial tem tamanho mediano.
este jogo inclu ...
Soccer Crazy

Soccer Crazy é um jogo de futebol,totalmente fora dos trilhos do futebol real nem sequer pode ser chamado de futebol por isso Soccer Crazy,porem esse é para ser um jogo animado e divertido de se jogar em formato de cubos saltando,o jogo vem com a s ...
Color Collab
by Mr.Numbers

Color collab is a simple Peer-To-Peer drawing program.

In order to get someone to connect to your server it may be necessary to port forward the port "14444" to your machine if they are connecting outside your network (Depends on router setup).
T ...
WarWar 1,0
by cabrali

War e um jogo simples de um nivel, onde você deve proteger suas defesas e invocadores dos piões inimigos e derrotar as defesas e invocadores inimigos para chegar no alvo central. Você ira infrentar , gladiador, Bruxa e Globin derrotando eles você ...

Aproveite esse Editor de jogos preto 2, agora em 3D você não tem como criar jogos em 3D? não se preocupe,por que Black editor 2 foi feito para que você possa matar sua vontade de fazer um jogo em trés dimensão,esse jogos esta em fase Alpha 0.3 ...
AAARGH-PG!AAARGH-PG! :: In Development
by Wonderland

It is the early 1700's - the golden age of piracy. You're a captain ready to upgrade your ship, grow a crew, and make fame and fortune sailing across the Caribbean. How you do it is up to you in this sim. Do you trade? Thieve? Wage war with the colon ...
Project 3D CraftProject 3D Craft
by Taytchu Gamer

First Alpha of what can turn out a great Project.
Project 3D Craft - Obviously a failed imitation of Minecraft. But it's just an Alpha, wait for updates.

Primeiro Alpha do que pode virar um grande Projeto.
Project 3D Craft ...
LineArtLineArt 1.0.0
by Taytchu Gamer


Make art with lines, just by wiggling your mouse.

Not recommended for very weak computers

You can do beautiful things, and it can make even more beautiful while listening to your favorite music and letting go of your imagination.

TravestyTravesty Tech Demo v0.2
by RamchuK_Ntertainment


Travesty is an upcoming survival masterpiece brought to you by the Ramchuk Entertainment Games Team (REGT). Set in a minimalistic world -that for the first time in 001 Game Creator history offers no borders, the un ...
SUPER 7 GRAND DAD: Ultimate BoogalooSUPER 7 GRAND DAD: Ultimate Boogaloo Version 2.5
by Wire

Grand Dad is back and this time the adventure comes to your computer!
Mary Pizza Pop is back and this time he wants to turn the world into a Pizzeria world order! Only the Grandiest of Dads can stop this Pizza maniac!

-Bad Translation!
-4 new le ...
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