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The Moon Soul - Rebirth of SoulsThe Moon Soul - Rebirth of Souls :: BETA v0.1
by New MrGameplay3

"Há cerca de 600 anos atrás, os humanos descobriram formas de usar uma energia que emana de todo planeta, nomeada de Mana. Porém seu uso excessivo colocou tudo e a todos em crise, e aos poucos a terra começou a morrer. Em fúria, os deuses decidi ...
(Hotel)Guest Services Manager(Hotel)Guest Services Manager
by PW073

To start the game, talk to the man sitting on the sofa in this room(lobby).
Use keyboard arrows to navigate and the 'enter' button to select or start a conversation.
This game is created strictly for own educational purposes only.

Brought to you ...
Ventus's wraithVentus's wraith Tech demo v 0.0
by nokai25

A demo of a upcoming game The same one I removed but this is the same thing just wanted to fix a few glitches. game will be out in a couple of weeks. don't misjudge the demo
Story line:A long time ago,on a world called azura A once peaceful world.
Bear PongBear Pong
by tower07

Okay, so you're at this pong tournament, right?
All of a sudden this bear shows up and you freak all out.
You run around and panic, but after 10 seconds it just stops.
The tournament will go on whether you're there or not.
Can you make it bac ...
Jam box.Jam box.
by kreeith12

OK the jam box is a game that you can lisen to the best songs of 001. A new game will come out soon that will be longer and have real songs plz download this game its my first game :) ...
-The Epic Quest--The Epic Quest- Short Demo
by Evil Epic Guy

There was once a little boy named Epic.
Epic is on adventure to fight Evil Guy.
Evil Guy's plan is to rule the world and take over people's minds.
Epic with all of his friends he meets on this journey will stop Evil Guy.
Play the rest by download ...
by Apocalypseinc

The classic is back and this time its in your computer!
After the deactivation of the GAIN GROUND system 40 years have passed and now the world faces the second cyber world war! ZARKOR and his Terrorist Droids are destroying many parts of the world ...
pick it! :: demo v0.1
by deadterior

a game about picking which hole to jump down but if you fail to jump down the right hole you have to restart so besure to go down the right hole.(this is my first game)
i've stoped working on working on a new game. ...
Adventure man demo v0.2
by deadterior

Adventure man is a rpg game about having adventure.This is my first game in early stages.each update more maps,npc's,and version shuld be coming out story yet
new maps
new enemys
new shop
no story yet (coming in future u ...
by Daniele

Mike is in trap on him house.
Someone have close him home door, and Mike can't escape!
But one day in him bathroom coming strange noise like a esplosion, that was a hole.
Mike escape by this hole or will go to deadly world? ...
Mobster Place Tim
by The Flies515

Play as the character Tim Boxer in this 3rd person shooter game. You go through 26 levels of completing missions and objectives to solve the questioning behind "Mobster Towers." If you like 1st person shooter games like Golden Eye 007, Perfect Dark, ...
Top Spy
by buzzybeetle285

In this game you play as the agent Birdy and go up against a group of people that are trying to make the world into an Herb place. You the agent need to stop them before it's too late in this third person will have people for you and pe ...
Necro-HunterNecro-Hunter Demo
by TheReaper

Near the forest, lies a little town called Stonewater. In that town lives an orphan child that seeks adventure. Darkness is spreading around the world and its up to this orphan to save it. Will this child succeed or will the world be swallowed by the ...
by Midnight

⇨ This Version And Demo! ⇦

You are an adventurer who goes in search of the Father, which was Kidnapped, When I was a child, he tries KNOW why, in the middle of the adventure he saw that he has somebody else to help, This p ...
Jungle JamJungle Jam Demo
by He11eurliam

The restart option doesn't work that well!!!An fun platform game, which uses problem solving to complete levels. I have only done two levels in this demo, but I am hoping to have the whole game to download soon. This is my first game!!!!! ...
FWAT Coutry: JapanFWAT Coutry: Japan :: 8.14 :: Testando
by Lord_Hades

Não Recomendado Para menores de 18 anos.(Linguagem Chula,Violência,Uso de Drogas e Sanguinolência)

Use the Code type Christmas "NATAL"
Use o Código de Natal Digite "NATAL"

FWAT (Free Walk Around Town) country: Japan.

o Jogo se Passa em ...
by creativeminds

Spor uses a RPG gaming style. Everything from using lasers for killing evil spors to combining berries to make potions. You can build fires and melt sand to create glass objects. And getting around may seem slow at first but when you get to the first ...
Legacy Of Rhine :: Full Game
by Jawny102

The evil Tyrant Davenport has cast the world into darkness by raising prices and firing all the hard working winndixie employees with his own evil counter parts, you must travel the lands and defeat the one by one to restore peace to the shopping cen ...
Vanguard UnlimitedVanguard Unlimited :: 8.25 v0.001e Demo
by hikaru702

Inspired from TCG Cardfight!! Vanguard
General information: OFFLINE Demo game that shows that an semi-automated Cardfight against AI.
I might update this one. and I might not anymore :P but feel free to try.

Gold Paladin Trial Deck readil ...
HITMAN 6 {47 wanted}HITMAN 6 {47 wanted} Demo
by Daniele

The agent 47 has come back.
Is still wanted from the police like in the game HITMAN: 5 ABSOLUTION.

Help him to find the agency and come back to work.


SERIAL KEY required!

This is the
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