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by cabrali

Jogo casual de probabilidade, você deve encontrar a saida do mundo digital atravez de portais criada pela matrix, é onde a probabilidade entra voce deve ter sorte e nao ficar confuso, por que ao mesmo tempo você tera que fujir dos pixels do mal e ...
Ao Som do K-PoP 2 Exodus2016 COMPLETOAo Som do K-PoP 2 Exodus2016 COMPLETO 2.1
by cabrali

Vem ai um novo "Ao Som do K-PoP" tema 2 Exodus, com muito mais musicas e novidades. Ao som do K-PoP é um jogo de musica baseado no "StepMania" ótimo para quem ja é fã do Step e tambem para K-PoPpers fã da cultura sul coreana na área da musica p ...
Fungi FrolicFungi Frolic 1.0
by Koutacles

Take on a series of enchanting puzzle-platformer challenges, then make your own! Explore a 10-level campaign of increasing difficulty that also teaches you the fun interactions between objects!

Coming soon: the level editor! Make and share your ow ...
Derek the Flightless Duck!Derek the Flightless Duck! :: In Development
by Wonderland

You are Derek, the duck that was born without the ability to fly. As such, you usually don't migrate in the winter like the others. But you've been mocked for that. Now, after the other ducks left for this year, you decide that you should try and mak ...
by MRey

RAIN|FALL is an original, indie 2D adventure game in which every decision you make, in-game or in dialogue has consequences and change the story. Instead of pointing-and-clicking, you walk around the scenes with arrows or WASD.

You can get to know ...
Alien-Killin' Fun!!!Alien-Killin' Fun!!! v1.2
by Wonderland

You are Billy Hill, a southerner stereotype. Some aliens kidnap you and take them to your mother-ship. It's time to kick butt and get back home.

-Fast, "mature" shooter
-Dry humour
-10 non-linear levels with lots of exploration, loot, and collec ...
Sanction of the DeadSanction of the Dead v1.1
by EFFEKTrecords

Genre: Horror

This game is based off of an old abandoned school called "Apollo High School" located in Burlington, IA. It is a school that is here in my town that is noted as one of the most haunted-est places due to it bein built on a Indian buri ...
Knight's Adventure :: BETA 1.6
by IAgilechipmunk

This is an action packed game were BIG Updates are Common!Tune in for lots of Fun! It includes a Medival Theme. There is a wide range of Weapons, and Bosses. There ...
Endless SandsEndless Sands v1.700
by Koutacles

You've spent many years combing the desert for the elusive town of Shezumty, said to have unearthed a crypt mysteriously lost from thousands of years ago. You've finally found Shezumty, but who knows what dangers - and treasures - are below...

A r ...
The World Ends SaturdayThe World Ends Saturday Demo
by Sir Edington

The World Ends Saturday is a turn based rpg set in space. Time plays a roll as you only have seven in game days to save the space station.
This rpg is a bit different than most, so fair warning.
You can only use one of your four party members at a ...
Fatal Divines - The Norse GodsFatal Divines - The Norse Gods :: Closed Alpha
by Pixren

News of Alpha phase:
** Update Character Maker **

The History (in Development):

The history is set in the Norse Mytology. And the Norse Gods are the essence of the game. You are son of Loki, you are arriving in a Village that is near of Nifelh ...
legendary alfa v0.1
by grego00

In this game you control a new hero in search of power and fame, and for that he will have to face monsters and dungeons search of the legendary beasts. Recommend you save before and after each boss. ...
METAL GUN 2 :: pausado

em processo de pause
canceled indefinitely do not worry have a more myth game gun metal 2 being created!
[Boas Novas Metal Gun 2 vira com Veiculos!!! isso é ótimo não achas pois bem].
após os eventos de metal gun na terra os inimigo agora esta ...
Random Dungeon Generator (RDG)Random Dungeon Generator (RDG) v1.2
by RamchuK_Ntertainment

The Ramchuk Entertainment Games Team (REGT) presents a showcasing of an exclusive 001 Game Creator (0GC) Random Dungeon Generator (RDG) currently in early development. All users are welcome to try. For more information or to leave a comment/suggestio ...
MagosMagos V.1.4

- ...
Sharpened SteelSharpened Steel :: 6.42 v1.6 Full
by Eclectic gaming

Game Updates:
More Spells!
More Activities!
More Quests!
And More!

A fantasy role-playing game set in the land of Stratom, you can explore deserts, forests, jungles, and even underwater. Hundreds of people to interact with, dozens of quests to ...
DownoutDownout Demo
by Jegar

-2.5d First Person Roleplaying Game
-Sci-fi themed, explore a desert planet, and engage the native wildlife.
It is a simple and short game, leveraging the basics in 001's First Person capabilities. ...
D_pleXD_pleX v0.3
by RamchuK_Ntertainment

Your ordinary Match 3 meets 001, it’s an epic story. Quite frankly, this is more of a 48-hour design challenge that ended up no place; not even with a main menu. Just sit down, relax, and swipe some points while you’re at it. Maybe you can also i ...
The Time Traveler - a choices and consequences action RPGThe Time Traveler - a choices and consequences action RPG
by MRey

A choices and consequences action RPG in which every choice you make matters.

After an unsuccessful theft attempt of the witch's magic crystal, your friend Pedro vanished. In order to get him back and fix your mistake you must find someone, who ca ...
Adventure WorldAdventure World Demo V1.5
by scream1995

Current Version: Demo V1.5 (NO INSTALLATION REQUIRED)

Adventure World is a new open world game that enables the player to customize a character; many options are available from being a Warrior to a Mage. The player gets to pick a unique name and l ...
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