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Castlevania Demo 1.0
by Bankoresto

Madara e Hector esta novamente no maldito castelo do Dracula. Querendo descobri cual foi o motivo para Vlad se tornar o amante da morte.:Desdo inicio que este casteo foi herguido Vlad não tinha dinheiro o suficiente para pagar tudo ent ...
by devilchristcreator

all of the rpg heroes has been killed by the 3 evil forces they are the boss.
you are the chosen one to stop the evil forces.
because you have seen whats happening in there

revenge the heroes of rpg slain the evil forces to get back the beautif ...
The HopliteThe Hoplite :: 7.81 BETA 5- v1.01-A
by Samulis

This is patch 1.01-A (Alpha), the fifth version of the BETA. If you are already playing the game, it is recommended that you upgrade to version 1.01-A. Changes can be found on the Landing Page.

Journey back to Ancient Greece and help defend your c ...
Team Spook Full Version
by Jason_Jedi

The Shunaki Girls and Bad Boys are wreaking havoc everywhere throughout the city! Obviously they are working for someone - or something... Help the Team Spook save the city from this mysterious monster! Join Scarebandit, Fanthom Boy, Monster Hunter, ...
Xander Secret Agent Demo v0.1
by Rico

You play as Xander, the worlds best secret agent renowned for his ability to use the shadows to escape detection.
This is a simple platformer in which you must use stealth and cunning to progress through the game, this is a very small gameplay demo ...
Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiney
by Braden99

This is a story about Jables and Kage who come together to form a band and find a alleged Pick of Destiney that is forged out of the Devil's tooth. this is based off of the movie Pick of Destiney ...
The Darkness
by Braden99

A Demon Hunter by the name of Braden Dubeau must stop a group of Demon Worshipers before they summon the Devil to earth. Braden must go through many diffrent tasks while he learns about his past. Release date: January 12th 2013 ...
Lethal Infection-The Vírus X :: Demo v0.1
by wesleyssouza

Neste jogo você ira passar por muitos Zumbis e outros monstros.

No ano de 2009 O Dr.Raymond, que trabalhava para um empresa farmaceutica chamada BioMedicine.Conhecida por inventar um remédio que diminuiu a gripe H1N1,que matou muitas pessoas no ...
RandominityRandominity :: Demo v1.0
by doanru

This game has a borderlands style weapon loadout and weapon vendors. Currently there are 300+ Pistols & Revolvers, 30+ Shotguns,30+ Assault Rifles, 30+ SMGs, deployable turrets, Weapon Upgrades, special tech damaging weapons (fire, poison, ice), spec ...
World Of Kings Demo
by 001[GameFan]

You are nobody...
You know nothing...
But you are not willing to do nothing!

Betrayed by your own king, you must find those at the heart of the conspiracy, and eliminate them.

This game is a short demo of my first game 'world of kings'. I th ...
by ZeroCrystals

The Game Is In 3.0 version,you can get the full version in the blog
you can go to a new world,kill monsters,credits for all resource creators,i use much of them,thanks,and Have Fun

Return to Camp Crystal LakeReturn to Camp Crystal Lake
by heronymous

A straightforward 3-stage slash-em-up, this was mainly a learning exercise in order to get to grips with 001, and as "proof-of-concept" for a planned future game along the same lines but using my own sprites, a larger game world, and more usable weap ...
Climb Completed
by Rico

This Game is finished.
The objective is to climb to the top without falling to your death, using the assorted platforms around you to do so but watch out if you're not quick enough they'll disappear.
Reach the top, win a prize :) ...
The AscensionThe Ascension Beta test
by summak

This is my first game. It is currently under Beta. Happen to start using 001 a week ago. Story is simple. Its a mystery game. I don't want to spoil anything, I will just tell you your objective is to find your heirloom which is hidden somewhere. And ...
Sphere-OSphere-O :: 7.91 Full 2.5
by tuliron

!Important: SAVING crashes game ... still, Please play game in one sitting ;)!

-BUGS FIXED check forum for details-
The world of Canvas was created 10 years ago, now an evil entity called "The Artist" wants to destroy Canvas. You (Sphere-O) mus ...
Oculus:Origins SnapshotOculus:Origins Snapshot :: 8.83 v.0.0.2
by coffeennicotine

So the v1.010.000 update just came down the wire for all of us. I know that updates aren't supposed to break games, but I have so many assets loaded up and strung together that I wanted to get a build out just in case doo-doo happens... To get a 'sna ...
Avatar The Game (alpha)
by lkt95

A fan made game of Avatar the last airbender, the storyline is still a little sketchy, I just wanted to upload it to see if the game actually works. The alpha includes a few zones, and lots of bugs. If there are any suggestions, please send them my w ...
GllipGllip Demo v00.05.000
by Daniel-luz

Gllip é uma Demonstração de jogo de plataforma simples onde um jovem trilha sua aventura matando bichos no estilo Mario Bros. A demo mesmo sendo bem pequena não deixa de ser um game divertido!

Ao longo do desenvolvimento:
Para o futuro desse ...
Broken World
by noeneto123

This is a important test, please don't make download this! This is a important test, please don't make download this! This is a important test, please don't make download this! This is a important test, please don't make download this! This is a impo ...
The Princess Bride
by soccergirl_96

We all know that Westley went through many adventures, before boarding the pirate ship. Guide his ways learning how he went about his journey! Battle all sorts of monsters.
Just hit x to change your weapons, enter to talk and L ctrl to strike an opp ...
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