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by thomasoo14

This is a game about a guy does all his favourite things around the world including driving a car, boat, walks around and kills people sometimes.(part 1 of 4.) ...
Food FightFood Fight demo v0.1
by ashburp

food fight is an action/rpg that tells the story of a bag boy named foster who is placed in the strange position of having to save his small town from being destroyed by a mad pharmaceutical scientist. the game starts out in a grocery store, then fl ...
Megaman2 X-ZMegaman2 X-Z :: 8.21 v2.3.0 (TEST)
by DanielQP

.:: Megaman X and Zero ::.

Update: 2.3.0
//// Notas de Atualização: ////

Dash Implementado*
Deslizar pelas paredes*
pular pelas paredes*
remoção de mapas s sprites 8bit*
Melhorias no COMBO do zero*
adicionado sprites 32bit e alguns ma ...
My Beginer game
by Gilbor

pay no attention, just testing the program and wanted to show a friend my progress.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ...
Winter SurvivalWinter Survival :: 8.33 v1.0
by Abdulah

Winter Survival é como o nome ja diz um survival, não espere combates nem magias, espere fome, sede, frio, tente sobreviver a este ambiente extremo...

Sim agora sobre o jogo, o jogo em si foi mais como um teste, queria saber em qual nivel eu est ...
End Of The Line
by Darkvoid

Screenshots coming soon.
Futuristic game that I've planned for a long time.
This will be a project that I will begin working on when Oncoming Storm is finished. I want to give you an insight on some of the story (no spoilers) and some of the things ...
Battle Bros.
by HyperGamer

Genere:Battle RPG
Game: Battle Bros
Version: 1.0
Creater: Hyper Gamer, shawn baker
Realse Date: TBT
Info: You just fight untill you die. ...
by Wolfmaster

You wake up in an insane asylum (I bet we've heard that before). The asylum is gory, evil, and is freaking the hell out of you. You hear strange things behind doors.... which cannot be explained.

Short storyline but that's how it goes. The rest yo ...
Jump Dude
by HyperGamer

This is just a basic plateformer game (RPG) you just jump and attack.
Its just a demo but if you have any ideas on how to improve it just tell me :)
Im the creator of "Grand Theft Auto". ...
The SearchThe Search Demo 1.25.3
by reaper560

Demo Updates
♦Guns are now automatic.
♦Boss now has HUD.

In the game, you're Jake, a military soldier (sgt.). Your partner, Mickey, is a Corporal, and you guys have been paired up to do some work behind the scenes. However, your work stopp ...
Grand Theft AutoGrand Theft Auto Demo v1.0
by HyperGamer

A game I tried to make off of "Grand Theft Auto" you can kill people, do quest and stuff like that (Only In Demo Version So Nothing Big Yet).
You start out in your house, and then you work your way up the list to become the greatest King Pin in the ...
Dynasty Battle :: Demo v1.0
by HyperGamer

Dynasty Battle is a rpg that you just fight waves of eneimies to level & gain money.
You can do differnet levels for greater rewards.
My first game :)
With the help of Shawn Baker (or sean baker, I forgot how to spell his name).
This game is aka ...
Snake slayer
by JonToby

You must fight monsters and snakes to prove that you are a worthy warrior capable of carrying the ultimate weapon which you must use to vanquish the hoardes of snakes.
this game feature the ability to after completing the game restart it with your e ...
(404)A Drop of HopeA Drop of Hope
by Rico

Platform(s): Top down/Sidescroller
Title: A drop of Hope
Genre: Scifi/RPG
World map size: 4,800,000 square foot

A ringed Earth like planet sitting on the precispice of the boundaries of Human control becomes the target for a new expedition, mon ...
(404)Modern RougeModern Rouge Dev 1.2
by tower07

Modern Rouge is a regular rougelike game, except it takes place in a modern world instead of the usual medieval one. (Like Earthbound)
Right now there isn't much to it, As it is still under super-heavy development.
Also the name Modern Rouge will ...
by Dark Creator

Adventure Game,You are Ascorn,the hero,make quests and be powerfull to kill the Doppelganger,want to have cash?Contact me And i put cash and pass to you the cashed game,my email is alexnico 6 6@h o t m a i l. c o m!Have fun!!!! ...
Ninja BladeNinja Blade v0.3
by shawnbaker

A rpg you have missions that you can do, this is my first real game so have fun! :)

-Ninja Blade v0.1-
-Game Realsed-
-Mission Mode-
-Training Mode-
-8 Items-

-Ninja Blade v0.2-
-Interface Update-
-Updated Maps-

-Ninja Blade ...
Study Helper
by 2cool4me4

I, 2cool4me4, break what you all expected from 001 yet again! Now I've made an app that relies completely on the internet. The first ever on 001. Study helper connects to the internet to retrieve tests, which it then allows you to take.

Also, I g ...
Death MatchDeath Match :: Beta v0.1
by shawnbaker

This is the full version of Death Match Demo.

-FULL GAME Version 1
-Some Fixed Bugs
-Work On Older Versions Of Computers (Windiows Vista & Windows 7) ...
Scarlet KnightScarlet Knight Demo
by Zorc

Sean is 17 years old visiting a shool far out of the city but with ordinary classmates. Then some day he encounters strange people and a strange creature on his way back to the city after shool, after Sean defeat that strange creature an Knight shows ...
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