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The Exceron Episode 1
by jaelenburt96

The Exceron Episode 1: is a short (and sorta stupid) game. In this episode you track down a missing component for the device to work and have to beat people up in the process!

(if there are glitchs, errors , or other problems please email me a des ...
CIA Agents: Medical RescueCIA Agents: Medical Rescue 1.006.003
by FBIBond007

It is a little gory with guns and blood. You are a spy working for the CIA. The General sends you on a mission to rescue a Doctor who's been kidnapped and locked up and is being guarded by a tough looking man. You need to find important items to unlo ...
DragonBallZtestDragonBallZtest :: 5 Demo v.01
by GoreGames

DEMO of Dragon Ball Z adventure the first Fighting game on 001Map...
One more thing all errors are just a fast programing problem!!
5.Vegeta (scouter ...
i assault terror demo v1.1
by carloas

ues un juego basado en la guerra totalmente en español para los de habla

hispana por que son pocos los juegos que hay en español aqui
claro este solo es un demo el real sera en ingles y español

si lo descargas les suplico que porfavor v ...
by GoreGames

Power Spheres are God tears they have unique powers...
Thoose powers can destroy all world...
So God created dreams magical animals!
they protect the spheres from evil people.
God also chose good people to be the sphere guardians...
Antil one da ...
A Knight's TaleA Knight's Tale Completed v1
by kcreddevil

Play as Zar a former knight who for some reason has now been hising in a small village. As a former friend and fellow knight visits and brings with him destruction to Zar's new life for a pendant.
Uncover Zar's past and why he must stop his once dea ...
The Darkness WithinThe Darkness Within Chapters 1-6
by kcreddevil

The Darkness Within

An epic saga of a boy discovering his through power and taking up the challenge of restoring his world from the hands of s mysterious tyrant.

More story details available on forum and in game.

Many problems fixed. Please ...
Rock HeroRock Hero :: 5.33 Demo
by skuller

The first game of Guitar Hero series on 001!!!
I'm working on Bugs and anothers languages, sorry if my english is bad^^ but in the next version i'll put 2 languages: PORTUGUESE and ENGLISH.
Please close all programs in use for play this game for an ...
Adventure RealmAdventure Realm v1.0
by labtek9

The water has been blocked off and you love to swim it is only you who can save the fun time swimming. Adventure to a different realm fight and level in this epic adventure. ...
BegrettoBegretto Teaser
by Game-Nasium

You are Frank Crutchman, a 30 year old man who just lost all of his family in a terrible freak accident. Not wanting to face his problems, Frank hops into his car and drives. As he passes by Begretto Fun Fair he notices the road ahead is blocked off ...
Peppy's Rebellion!Peppy's Rebellion! :: 6.2 Full Game : v3.0
by Peppy2006

Dateline: 2011...

The president of Peppy's military division decides to retire, and a new leader steps in. But... Something isn't right about this one... He begins his speech with how America's government is bad... And switches it with a fake vote ...
The Cute ThingsThe Cute Things :: 6.9 v0.1
by RPGking

Cute things, all soft and fuzzy, just want to go ahead and pet it... kill it, slice its head open with a battle axe, chop it in half and bathe in its blood!

In this game, there are 2 factions. The Cute Things, and The Evil Things. The cute things ...
Zombie Swarm Zombie Swarm :: 7.43 v2.5
by tracelight24

Woot!!! Version 2.5 Is Now Available!

Scroll down for a list of new features!

Version 2.5 uploaded on 11/28/09...
Version 2.0 uploaded on 10/04/09...
Version 1.5 uploaded on 9/14/09...
Version 1.0 uploaded on 9/11/09...

An fun clas ...
RestorationRestoration :: Unreleased
by Oblivion Now

This is a game based on the real-life loss of data when I had made an update after not having done so for a long time. Everything on the projects list was gone, and unrecoverable, due to the fact that everything saves on the administrator side, not m ...
The KillerThe Killer :: 1 Demo v1
by Hussyz Productions

The demo of a modern assassination game. The Full version will come in a while.

Included in the demo:

The first contract.

A few buildings

The full version has:

Ten Contracts

Five Cities

All the buildings

Police that will try t ...
Storm's Wake Storm's Wake Part 1 of 5
by chaoshero1470

You get the urge to join the army and it just so happens that the local infantry is recruiting - all you have to do is pass a few petty tests. (note: must quit from menu after beating the first boss)It's that simple. Just when you think all is well, ...
Hero's Journey IHero's Journey I Full v2.1
by Hero001

In a world, where monsters rule, you are the one who has to... Save them? From your girlfriend? THATS RIGHT! your girlfriend was cursed as a child, and now in one day, on her 21st birthday!SHE WILL IMPLODE, ALONG WITH THE UNIVERSE. Her x-boyfriend fr ...
Hero's Journey II Demo v1.0
by Hero001

That's right, a sequel. Already? Well, it's just a quick filler to transition to Hero's Journey III, the best storyline is that of Hero's Journey VII: Legend Chronicles. That will be a 3 part series. ...
Reaping Death II: Eternal Death :: v0.7
by Deyas

♣Story Line♣
When A Rebellion takes over earth, you are the only soldier who can stop The Death Reaper's Rebellion. You play as a new recruit for a secret operation, who is fighting the Reaper's Rebels.

•40 levels
•4 Bosses(1 Per ...
Sanction of the Dead Demo
by Effect2129

Sanction of the dead is a all out zombie killing game. Zombie's will never be lost as they will always be zombies.

This game features:

49-Melee weapon's
10-Pistol weapon's
12-Machine Gun's
4-Special weapon's

Suc ...
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