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Space InvasionSpace Invasion
by skullboy99

Space Invasion is basically 'Space Invaders' except with some minor changes, which are listed below.

Have you ever wanted to go back, when games were just fun and simple? Well now you can!

Here are the differences between Space Invasion and Spa ...
RainfallRainfall Demo
by gerardred

"There was once a nameless child whom possess no memory and is living in a special orphanage. There, he lives with other children whom befriended with him. On a particular day, he followed a strange shade. And then..."

The game heavily involves ex ...
RPG Quests World :: Pre-Released-0.1
by sokratis12GR

RPG Quests World is a game created for singleplayer (Coming soon with Multiplayer), so you can have fun playing and exploring the game.
About the game:
You are a player who have to complite alot of Quests, Kill monsters, Collect Items and so...
Th ...
Christmas Joy (FPS)Christmas Joy (FPS)
by skullboy99

Well, since Christmas is on its way, to celebrate it, I decided to make a simple somewhat FPS simulation of what a house would look like on a Christmas day. There isn't really any story or anything, just a couple of rooms you can walk around and enjo ...
Marshmallow Boy's Tiny AdventureMarshmallow Boy's Tiny Adventure v1.0
by Save_us.222

Play as Marshmallow Boy and navigate through Chocolate Mountains, Peppermint Slopes, and Cotton Candy Plains! Includes 15 levels and a full soundtrack. Don't lose any lives for a bonus ending!

Arrow keys or WASD for running and jumping
hitman and the clones
by weighell

in this rpg game you play a hitman who is new to the job but there is more going on then meets the eyes fight the clone army of other hit men groups and make more money than your 9-5 i still have a lot to do as the art work and flow of game goes i ho ...
(Legend of Zekeyian I)  (Legend of Zekeyian I) :: In progress.
by ZodanaBorado

"Status Update" I was locked up and without a place to stay for a while. Now I am back and working full time and speed to get this game ready. With more ideas that I ever had before. I am going to take this engine to its limits and beyond.Do not lose ...
Paint CubesPaint Cubes v1.3
by JamX

Paint Cubes is a puzzle game where the objective is to paint all the outlined boxes the correct color. Avoid the deadly dark tiles, spikes, and flip your cube to victory.

Check the forum topic for access to the source project. ...
Girl SimulatorGirl Simulator :: 1.0
by Lfizinho

[Português Brasileiro] Quem nunca ouviu: "Se vocês tivessem que andar de salto você iriam ver" ou "se tivessem TPM não falariam tanto da gente". Bem, já pensou em mostrar para elas que estão erradas? Bom, então eu lhe apresento o Girl Simulato ...
Ao Som do K-POPAo Som do K-POP 1.0
by cabrali

Ao Som do K-POP e um jogo de musica criado no 001.
Contem 8 musicas para joga

o primeiro jogo de musica no estilo st ...
Seguindo a receitaSeguindo a receita Completa
by Taytchu Gamer

Um jogo simples produzido por Vinca, com 2 opções de idioma Português e Inglês. Este pode ser jogado sozinha porém foi criador para jogar com 2 pessoas. Com o meu desenvolvimento de técnicas novas de save fiz este jogo de 2 jogadores abrir em d ...
AbemoAbemo Completa
by Taytchu Gamer

Demorou mas continuei e agora o Ábemo está completo para download de graça!
"Ábemo" é um jogo bem simples porém há um grande nível de dificuldade neste jogo para sertos tipos de usúarios. O objetivo deste jogo é proteger bolhas de serem at ...
Pule! Esta perto!Pule! Esta perto! Completa
by Taytchu Gamer

Produção Vinca e Taytchu gamer apresentam este novo jogo bem fácil de jogar, "Pule! Está perto!" Este jogo apresenta gráficos estilizados como Nintendo e possui um nível alto de dificuldade, porém com o tempo todos aprendem a jogar e percebem ...
Darkness StrikeDarkness Strike :: 7.97 V1.07
by Darkvoid

It's been a while since I've released any news on this game (18/09/2015). I am working on it on and off, and the reason it has taken so long is because this is a very huge game. When I release a version of this, it will contain the first half of the ...
Purple HybridPurple Hybrid
by Scaveleon

Purple Hybrid is an Original English Visual Novel.

It is also a Kinetic Novel, which means that the it doesn't interact with the player, there are no game-play choices and the story is set in stone. The game focuses on storyline and character inte ...
DrillerDriller GG Maker 1.015
by reaper2259

Driller is a 2D Top Down mining game where you play as a mining tank beneath the surface of the earth, the goal is to mine ores and get as many points as possible before being destroyed by the enemies.

Use W,A,S,D or Arrow keys to move.
Use Exit, ...
Portal of Helisia: The Spirits GatePortal of Helisia: The Spirits Gate v1.5.1
by falcon

First RPG made by me and so it is the start of a brand new serie. I hope you like it!
If any bug is found, please report it to me on engine001 forum, i'll be very thankful!
Have A Good Game! :D

(Note: The game may receive an update each month)
The Blade of Element 2: Return of the Lost Hero :: ProjectConfirmed
by Jonathan W

When the night comes , light will dim , by the edge of morning a light of hope will shine
--sage of mytholonel--
When the god of darkness rises ,all hope to fight him will darken except for the blade of element
Which will always shine in darkness ...
by Noob


Tell me if you want me to finish this project, if I'm walking to the right direction...
It's the story of an orphan raised in a bloody place with tons of mystery ...
LifeLife Version: 6
by Merlin_Kalkinput

You are a little 001 person living how a real person would live. You have hunger, hygiene, and things you would expect in everyday life. Interact with every object in game, choose your gender, play video games, take care of pets, and much more! See h ...
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