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by evenen

my first game, so it won't be very good, i am about 1/3rd of the way done and it has taken me almost a year. you can change your name, but i am having trouble with that even popping up. ...
by serriefish

Play as a young man, Egnar, and explore the world.
Complete quests, interact with people, train your Strength and Intelligence. The possiblities are endless. ...
guerra de guangues
by isario

um jogo legal e é o primeiro que eu posto no site.
ele ainda é beta entao se não gostarem comentem para eu ficar sabendo o q devo e posso melhorar
para comprar a casa da cidade vc tem q falar com o cara q esta na frente dela
é um joguinho mleg ...
flos ques
by floƤ2

you are in the year 1945 and you are in the second worl wars.You must kill the german wariors.In the game you can have over 10 weapons.The game is short.You are a warior with the name is a verry verry verry verry verry great game. ...
Mega Racer - Control Street
by hazard1008

Bueno este es mi primer Juego de autos, esta entrega es llamada - Mega Racer Control street, si encuentranalgun error de script es porque con el tiempo se me fue dañando, no se porque.

Este Juego tiene un contenido ofensivo.

Espero que les pue ...
by theundertaker

Esta é apenas uma versão demo!
A primeira fase do jogo se baseia em se desfarçar no meio dos inimigos usando suas roupas, e comprir seus objetivos, depois sinta-se livre para achar e completar suas missões.
Ainda é uma versão com poucas ...
by theundertaker

Ainda é apenas um demo!
A primeira fase do jogo se baseia em se disfarçar entre os inimigos usando seus uniformes, depois fique livre para procurar suas missoes.
Boa diversão! ...
Death Blade 2 - The Scape (En Español)
by hazard1008

Mi producción llama Despargames a lanzado una nueva entrega de Death Blade, Este juego tiene un contenido Ofensivo y agresivo, no apto para menores de edad! ...
by kingkhael

.......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... ...
War 2 Peace
by Liang73

This is a game whereby you start in a small town with 3 cars, 2 airplanes and 2 helis, 1 boat too! After that, "war" starts, after "war", will be the real WAR! Agter WAR, it will be peace, haha. ...
Grand Chase season 3 RPG
by 4Queijos

Ola, Eh com muito orgulho que anuncio o demo do grand chase season 3 é quase igual a esse mais vc tera uma vizão do engine 001 EVOLUTION e para baixar é leve 1.68 ow - , para mais informações acesse me adicionem no msn ow entrem no meu site, gra ...
The Aventure

This Is My First Game.
I Hope You Like It.
It May Be A lil' Short,BUT it Took Me A Long Time To Make It..
by Becik

Hello. The game is made in Polish because I am a Pole, I've played a game created by you, and I think that my momentary switch, a Polish demo does not make you a problem.

I did not have a good idea for a game so tried to do something like the firs ...
funny emo mini game
by tnt735

you play as a emo and his friend and you must fight posers

you also have a few allies you may not really notice them because they look the same as each other

the enemy really cant hurt you much but you can still die by them

*1 weapon
*2 emo ...
Zombie Mayhem
by SaturnJohn

My first game. there is no plot. there is no character backstory, there is no way to win(officially), there is no way to get beyond the first couplea mazes. all there is, is zombies, a black guy that has more health and power than any other person in ...
by XGame2

Adam's Hell
by Derminore

the story begins on 2001 inside the top-secret facility on new mexico.
you are Nichols an area security boss who wake up after a security computer explode on his face.
when he wakes up he notice that the hole base is a death hole and he only gonna ...
Star Wars Clone Wars Game
by caio

in this game you can enter in the world of Star Wars , and control a jedi , you are Vereki a new Padawan,to become a jedi knight you have to stop the trade federation and Count Dooku, you iniciate in the jedi counsil and go to very planets and you ca ...
Zechir and the two swords
by caio

In this game you control a Warrior called Zechir ,he have the mission to find a powerful sword and defeat the thief of the other powerful sword in this mission, you receive tips of the Magician of Galad and the apprentice of him: Helens, you can defe ...
Adventure Elysium
by moondust2

A game (my first) just testing basic features. Working on a weakness system. For the actual description of the game: You are a god, among other gods who need to stop a being that is destroying the world, and other worlds. ...
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