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Zechir and the two swords
by caio

In this game you control a Warrior called Zechir ,he have the mission to find a powerful sword and defeat the thief of the other powerful sword in this mission, you receive tips of the Magician of Galad and the apprentice of him: Helens, you can defe ...
Adventure Elysium
by moondust2

A game (my first) just testing basic features. Working on a weakness system. For the actual description of the game: You are a god, among other gods who need to stop a being that is destroying the world, and other worlds. ...
Vast Memory
by wowowlop1

You only remember that day, because it just happened... How can you survive under these conditions? Strange monsters appear out of nowhere all of the sudden. Where are they coming from? ...
Zombie city
by Engine001br

Estou postando aqui o meu mais novo projeto chamado Zombie city
ou cidade Zombi nesse jogo vc e um sobrevivente, o unico seu dever se
sair da cidade e destrui-la para que o mal não se espalhe para todo o
mundo,e muito mais...versão completa em b ...
Rise of the Dragon (A Warrior Origins Adventure)
by Akkikokoro

Anyways I promised a demo of this game and here it is! I am sorry that there is no title screen I just couldn't get it up correctly. Oh well, I still hope that you enjoy!
Here is the plot of it for all of those that are confused:

Dragon, an evil ...
Benjamin Riddle
by Tyler B

Benjamin Riddle, a cop on a large uncharted island. Those who know of the island call it Elysium. The island has all the materials for people to live and never have to go to the mainland. Yet when people leave, they leave ...
The sims...
by agentx562

The sims.....

I started working on this a couple of days ago and i have a rough
idea of what its going to be like i have in this beta Cooking,
Socializing,Work,house making,And even the toilet! You can also change your sims clothes and name him. ...
Recluse: The Darkness is Coming
by Spartan225

A strange force has shadowed the world, and every other world too! It's up to you to stop it! this is the Public version, so it doesn't have as many levels as the VIP version, which is still under development. If you find any bugs please submit them ...
by gamemakers

A Rpg about a young lad named Nigel. dfiosjfiodji foid fsdsiuf sdiuf odf iousdf osd f fo sod fod f f gdgfd 978 87gf 79ghf d7gh udfhguso gd7sg hdufg dhs7ugh usdn u iusdv iu viu k ...
Dye Life
by williamrtm

Um jogo leve, criativo e divertido!!

Jogue e você vai gostar... é um jogo simples, com bom gráficos, recomendado para qualquer um!!

Demorei um bom tempo para criá-lo e crie com dedicação e pensando nas pessoas que vão jogá-lo!!

Tutorial The Game
by Smidgey01

You are a slime and you are also in a tutorial.
what will happen, only I know.


............................................................................................................................... ...
by fransiracusa

This is a virtual learning environment that will provide students with the opportunity to practice their Spanish communication skills. Students will maneuver through the different phases of the website, discovering places and communicating in Spanish ...
by ster222

a small game.
you can buy weapons and crash the enemys with them no more.
this is my first game!!!! the title it is not how it's sounts.
my second game will be better ...
The Blade of Light
by Toonland

You are Eldred, a retired adventurer, who is quietly living out his life life in a village. He is approached by a man sent from the King and he is asked to help the king. He accepts and so the adventure begins. . . ...
by totimeslogan

It is REALLY basic. It is very short but it is slightly fun. This is for my online friend's website. This is to prove my talents. Well, it is also to see if the want me to make a RPG for his website as well. ...
X Legends
by shawnbaker

You are a warrior who has to find his path, you make your own story as you go, this game is an rpg.

- X-Legends v1.0 -
- Story Mode -
- Warrior Class -
- Basic Weapons\Equipment -
Guitar Hero
by eitorlaba

I'm a br and I made this game when I had no web connection, and I was bored... So hope you enjoy the game.
There are some differents musics you can hear on the menu, but it doesn't make any difference with the notes sequence, they're random.
This d ...
The Order
by PEOFerraz

The order is a game of action in third person very similar to the acclaimed Assassin Creed. The game is happening in medieval times and you control Lennier, an assassin in the order that has aimed to kill people to save the lives of others.

Chara ...
by RPGCreator

The continent of Farmes-quaint, and quiet countryland. But on the Festivale De Carlos, a baby is born... one that will bring the waking darkness chasing after the brave hero. Eighteen years after birth, a darkness begins to spread... and thus your jo ...
The House of Hell
by chewyy56

An epic dungeon crawler game where you explore an old mansion filled with evil. You can collect weapons and items that give you back HP. Why not try to piece together the story? The spirits vary in the House of Hell, some are dark, others seem to not ...
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