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Prosperity BattleProsperity Battle 0.6b Demo
by kararty

Prosperity Battle, a dungeon arena brawler... you essentially slay monsters, level up and explore huge abandoned dungeons + a couple of outdoor ruins with graphics from Oryx - Roguelike.

This release (0.6b Demo):

* New heroes:
Archer, Warrio ...
csx systemcsx system v:1.00
by tonywelch15

csx system is a mini console I have been working on and continuing to work on
this is system software version:1.00
_interface changes_
- other setting's now open ( please check out before playing any games)
- sight interface changes
- a lot o ...
Doomsday Test v0.1
by Black Reaper

This is just a demo (or beta) version of the game, all the sprites used are from 001 game creator, please comment on how the game is.All comments are welcome.This is just a project I started in my free time. ...
click that cookieclick that cookie beta stage:1
by tonywelch15

click that cookie is a fan based game based on cookie clicker made by Merlin_Kalkinput

beta stage:1
- added more song's to the music world
- new sprite's in the music world
- change the look of the option menu
- added new tile's to the main m ...
Hard Metal Demo v0.2
by Black Hat Hacker

Hard Metal is an Army Game where our Player's Name is Proto.
Because this is a Demo Version it is a Short game play.
As Our Team has Created its Full version's Story we will complete it Soon.
Only the First Chapter has been given in Demo Version.
Mafia Gang :: Full Version v.3
by Black Hat Hacker

This is a Lifestyle Game where player can:
Drive car
Fly aeroplane
Buy houses
Buy food
But weapons
Deposit and withdraw money from bank
Loan system
Car buy system
Many cheats
Respawn of vehicle after destroy at starting location.
Jetpack s ...
Super Duper Mario (Classic) :: 8.7 Demo 4
by Koutacles

A platform game in Mario style - unfinished.

Please, visit the forum topic to keep updated on the new version. This new version will use the features of the lastest 001 version! ...
OutlandsOutlands :: 8.83 Game V 1.00
by Jegar

The gates opened. The line held, and held, and held.

It was not long before it fell. So many lost.

Through the gates they move, like roaches.

We must reestablish the line.

-Decent collection of weapons
-Var ...
Endless Dungeon Endless Dungeon Alpha Stage: 4
by Merlin_Kalkinput

Explore dungeons, that never end. Level up, gain weapons, and armor. Pick from 1 of 3 classes, and even pick a race from 3 choices!

This game is not for the faint of heart! It's a difficult game, that will take both strategy, and wit, to survive. ...
The Prophecy - Free Roam RPGThe Prophecy - Free Roam RPG Demo 0.1
by degu111

Just another free roam game;
Become the child of the prophecy and watch as you are released from prison, then embark on epic quests, slay the most fearsome of foes. Become the greatest warrior to have ever graced the region of Dwemriel.

Explore t ...
I Am A BitI Am A Bit Release
by 2cool4me4

I Am A Bit. I Am Traveling Through This Data Pipe. I Am Capitalizing All Of My Words.

Can you collect pieces and rack up a huge score before being taken down by viruses? I doubt it.

Play GOTY 1985 and... do a thing. ...
by The Necromancer123

This is a game about getting beamed up by cyborgs! Fight them with guns knifes anything you can get your hands on (Sorry if it isn't very good i am just a kid) ...
by Haleypop99

Wel this game,Is really not that big i made it for my mom Not for you.....I do not know how you found this game I do not eather Anyway i hope you like it this game is for my mom i hope you like it why does this have to be so long? i really do not kno ...
by Haleypop99

You and your brother are picking berrys explore the town, Dont lie to people just for the goodies i dont know how to make quest But the guy on shore has 5 This is just for fun and i created it for my mom I am still working on it Have fun plz :D ...
Mahou No Inkei- Part I: Thrill of the NightMahou No Inkei- Part I: Thrill of the Night :: ---
by sicksniper256

After tearing my achilles tendon and missing the 2014 NFL regional combines I am moving on to a more regular full time job with weekday daytime hours only. This consistency will allow me to devote more time for development as well as more money. This ...
Afraid: The RecordingAfraid: The Recording Demo v.3
by gerardred

I received a letter from an anonymous person. "Please visit a mansion known as the witches mansion.It wouldn't be surprising if you forgot about me, but please help me ! I have an unfinished business there !" Written in the letter. I drove into the s ...
Generic FPS ACTION 88
by Not Me





HIGH- ...
First Person Experiences First Person Experiences :: 9
by Boblifey

Its not a full game its more of a 1st Person Experiences the first 1st person from 001 you can try. Hope you enjoy it an asset pack will be coming out soon on my website.

WSDA to Move
Ctrl to Duck
Left Shift to Run
Space to Jump
The Edge of Reality Demo v0.1
by Majik inc

Explore the world of Majikknium and defeat the Dark Wizard Malvel to win the game! This is a WIP game so do not say something like "Where is the end of the game?" or "It doesn't seem complete!". ...
Legends of Lonk :: Beta
by brainman88

Based off of Legends of Zelda

No story line :(

-Can glitch through walls
-2 NPC's don't work

Will add
-More weapons,
-a bigger and better map
-Epic story line
-And MORE ...
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