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3D FPS Kit (Premium)

The FPS Kit is available on Steam as optional DLC. This page explains some of the core functionality present inside this template.

Please note: This page is still being constructed.

Walls and Environmental Objects

Walls and other objects are mainly handled using Actors in this template, each separate wall section is partitioned to allow for complex room creation to the user's choosing.

Instead of the normal method of placing wall tiles, you place a “Dynamic Object” onto the Map and change the “Body” to your desired wall section or object you wish to place.

Using the wall or object as an Actor, instead of the normal tile method, allows for more orientation options. (Such as rotation and placement unhampered by grid snapping).

Disabling Snap to Grid

In a recent version to 001, a new option has been added to the Map Editor allowing you to disable the 16 unit Actor placement snapping. By default Snap to Grid is enabled. It can be turned off by clicking on the “Magnet” icon.

Breakdown of NPC Clothing

The FPS NPC clothing has been broken down into body portions rather than overlapping onto a solid body model, this has been done to prevent the mesh from having portions of the underlying texture to “bleed through” the clothing portions.

The Head models for both Male and Female NPC models are set to the Body Category and Torsos have been likewise moved to the Shirt category respectively. This ensures that parts of the body can be interchanged with other 3D models of similar category.

Custom Events

Hit_Scan Attack




Global Variables

Name Description
Mouse_Sensitivity Sets how much mouse movement effects the player camera. (Higher values equal slower movement)
Max_Range The distance the player can shoot. (Higher numbers denote a longer range)
ExplosionCount Used to track the number of explosions currently occurring on a map at a given time.

Local Variables

Name Description
SkipStep SkipStep is a counter to play a footstep sound every so often.

Actor Variables

Name Description
Material The material of the actor. (Used to denote a played sound effect)
Resting Returns 0 if an actor is stationary, 1 if the actor is moving.
Weapon_Accuracy The area size in which a weapon effects. (Higher numbers equal a wider spread)
Min_Accuracy The minimum projectile spread an actor has.
Jumping Returns 1 if an actor is jumping, 0 if stationary.
Aim_Height The height in which the weapon muzzle is located.


Name Description
Camera Locks the camera to the first person view in the Player Actor Template. Setting this to off will free the camera.
Menu Returns if a menu interface is on or off, if on it will free the mouse from camera movement.
Reloading Denotes if the player is reloading. Used to play animations and prevent from using an item during said animations.
Attacking When using a weapon, triggers animations based on what is equipped when on.
UsingAction Returns if the action command is being used. Used to prevent other actions (such as using weapons)
Crouching Returns on if player is using the crouch input. By default it is set to toggle when input is used.
Crosshair If on shows the crosshair on the default HUD. If off, hides the crosshair.
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