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Interface Toolbar

These tools allow you to craft your Interfaces for how you wish them to appear in-game.


Pointer - moves Fields and Timers around Interfaces easily. The pointer tool can also be used to resize Fields as well.

Field – places Text / Graphic Fields on your Interface.

Units Field – places Units Fields on your Interface.

Graph Field – places Graph Fields on your Interface.

Transition Field – places Transition Single Sprite Fields on your Interface.

Window Field – places Window Fields on your Interface.

Static Sprite Field – places Static Sprite Fields on your Interface.

Camera View Field – places Camera View Fields on your Interface.

Timer/Spawn – used to run a script at specific intervals.

Play Interface – starts testing an Interface.

Test Interface – starts testing an Interface with the option to add additional scripting when the Interface is loaded.


Animate Animations – stops/starts animations from playing on the Interface. This doesn’t affect in-game animations.

Enable Grid – displays a 32×32 pixel grid across the Interface, which is useful for precise Field placement.

Snap to Grid - when ticked; objects will snap to the Interface in 8 pixel increments. Otherwise, they'll freely position at where the cursor is pointing (excluding Timers).

Background Color – is used to toggle the background color of the Interface editor from black to white. This is useful when dealing with black/white text/graphics.

Enable Icons – turns the various Interface icons like Field/Timer/etc. on/off.

Properties - opens the Interface Properties window.


Here you can add, edit and remove different layouts for various devices with different resolutions. You can use the drop down menu to select one of the pre-set resolutions or you can click the “Add” button to the right to set a custom resolution and specify the device/operating system it applies to.

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