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001 Game Creator v1.019.000

Postby Mike » Tue Oct 03, 2017 2:32 pm

I meant to increase the major version number last time. So, here's the official major version 19 :D!

Basically, tons and tons of bug fixes. Enjoy!

-Fixed crash when changing the size of a map from the "Map Properties" window.

-Fixed movement incorrectly having impact despite walking animation scale being used.
-Removed legacy "Body/Clothing Color" use value.
-Fixed defaulting back to ground tile-sets without updating the tile-set picker, causing strange rendering and collision issues.
-Fixed crash when editing a placed custom event/network message after having removed all of its parameters.
-Fixed "Transition Through Effect" in "Units" fields from going backwards through frames, and made it sequence the whole animation minus one millisecond to handle wrapping issues where "Once" sequence mode had to be used.
-Fixed unpredictable effect animation when using "Units" fields when set to "Ignore".

-Fixed issue with random actor movement getting stuck on short (8 pixel high) collisions.
-Fixed crash when using "(Advanced) Message Box" events with no text.
-Fixed crash when switching to legacy lighting.
-Made sharpness of lights affect refraction in new lighting system to match how it worked in legacy lighting, allow for spot-light and/or room ambience effects.
-Fixed not being able to delete edited inherited actor variables after they have been deleted in the parent actor template.
-Fixed not resetting game when game is over in "Mobile Game" demo.
-Fixed bullet/holding points 2, 3 and 4 not being used for bullets when the equipment references it.
-Fixed crash when one of the map's cloud sprites have been deleted.
-Fixed crash when deleting sprites referenced by a map while in one of the map editor windows.
-Fixed logo in "3D Action-Adventure" demo.
-Fixed "X" icon for deleting poses.
-Made it clear about copying/pasting sprite poses/directions.
-Made it clear what front/back are in map parallax window.
-Fixed not saving changes when using "Startup Menu Settings" from the "Game Settings" window.
-Fixed not properly saving "Glow/Emissive" value in "Material Editor" for sprites and tile-sets.

-Made materials less sensitive to changes by ignoring specular values when there is no specular color.
-Added "Reset to Defaults" button in "Material Editor".


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