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New version and premium template announcements for 001.
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001 Game Creator v1.019.001

Postby Mike » Fri Nov 17, 2017 1:49 pm

Beyond a bunch of bug fixes, this is the official release of the Point and Click Adventure Kit DLC on Steam, and we've of course included it in the latest subscription. For all the details, check out our Steam announcement: http://steamcommunity.com/games/347400/announcements/detail/2918758521445896406

-Fixed checking for subscription in Steam version, causing connection errors when launching the editor while disconnected from the Internet.
-Fixed slow map loading when using blocking.
-Fixed incorrectly running multiple instances of games when testing them from open project window.
-Fixed random "Overflow" error with all "Change" scripting events that only affected certain computers.
-Fixed accidentally forcing out of playtesting a game through the open window.
-Added "Comment" graphical script node that does nothing.
-Made it automatically launch Steam if launching from executable and Steam isn't running.
-Fixed rotation changes of collision from not being saved.
-Fixed imported mesh collisions from being rotated incorrectly.
-Fixed misplaced mesh collision when inserted.
-Added "Android Version Code" project setting to facilitate with APK updates on Google Play.
-Fixed level/experience from not being maintained in minimalistic saves.

-Fixed hiding templates in various actor events when "Place as parent's actor template" is incorrectly used without an actual parent actor template.
-Added missing "Duration" option to "Change Body/Clothing Color" event.
-Fixed memory and GDI object leaks with some of the common map/interface object editor windows (windows with color/resource buttons).
-Fixed occasional crash when saving games on HTML5/mobile.
-Fixed rounding issues with position of animations in sprite sequences.

-Made new project window larger and fixed a word-wrapping issue.


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