001 Game Creator v1.019.002

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001 Game Creator v1.019.002

Postby Mike » Thu Dec 21, 2017 1:12 pm

Some major changes today! Namely Lee spent a lot of time adding tooltips to all major windows. I've made a few performance tweaks and added a game setting. There's also a few bug fixes! For more details, check out our Steam announcement: http://steamcommunity.com/games/347400/announcements/detail/2380580896624309724

-Added tooltips to all major editor windows.
-Made it error when using Steam event/use values when game has not been built for Steam.
-Made games automatically launch Steam if launching from executable and Steam isn't running (similar change to the editor itself that was done in previous version).
-Fixed engine performance stuttering which has improved the smoothness of higher framerate games; this has also improved the accuracy of spawn/timers.
-Fixed interface object listing via pointer sometimes changing to spawn/timers, which caused a few issues.
-Fixed incorrect default arguments of "Change Money/EXP/Points" events.
-Fixed issue with "Android Version Code" producing incorrect results, and made it possible to use a value higher than 255.
-Added "Fixed framerate / time stepping" option allowing game timing to be more predictable allowing for consistent gameplay regardless of game performance.
-Fixed location picker from occasionally switching layers in front view maps.

-Made it warn when using undesirable framerate game settings.


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