Forth Rode the King

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Forth Rode the King

Postby Tydome » Tue Apr 02, 2013 8:31 am

The Situation
"The King is dead!" cried the herald. Soon thousands of common folk circled around the town square "Hear again! The King is dead!" chatter and gasping, even crying began to fill the square.

King Eamon Madriach, the uncontested and most gracious ruler of Penumbria for forty years is dead, "dead" did the walls of the streets hear. Now his eldest son Virgil Madriach rightfully claims the throne. Soon all the landed vassals of the realm shall meet up at the capital of Langsmerth and swear fealty to their new liege. What happens on that day may be never undone. Tensions arise as the nobles of the realm gawk at the idea of a person of tainted blood sitting on the throne with some secretly scheming to install other members of House Madriach onto the throne or even themselves. Now the people must wait for what will come, the coronation takes place....

The Penumbrian Isles is divided into three main regions, The Lowlands, flat plains and forests located on the eastern coast, it has the most fertile land and most abundant in resources such as timber, stone and useful metals, the capital is located here. The Highlands, very rocky and mountainous region down south of the island. The population is very low and resources are scarce but the circumstances breed very hardy people. Then there are the Marshes which are located west. The marshes are known for their exotic foods and poisonous creatures. Off the northern coast lies a smaller island called Hightower famed for its lighthouse which also acts as the main keep for the reigning Warden.

The King has supreme power over the realm and can do what ever he wishes without consent from his vassals, however a wise king would think twice about pushing around vassals as in the past many kings have been kicked of their throne by angry lords. Vassals are known as Lord Wardens who are given power and a title over a geographical area example, Lord Warden of the Highlands, etc. Currently there are four Lord Wardens. Below them are Banns which are powerful landed vassals which directly serve a Lord Warden or the King himself, they hold a much lesser land than Wardens often given control of a single holding (castles, cities) In times of conflict, external or internal every vassal of the realm is expected to make a contribution, financially or militarily

Langsmerth - King of Penumbria
Arv Rondalion - Warden of the Lowlands
Arv Stormkeer - Warden of the Highlands
Sundregn - Warden of the Marsh
Hightower - Warden of Hightower


King of Penumbria | Virgil Madriach | Tydome
The supreme ruler of the realm.

Warden of the Highlands | ???
Historically, Wardens of the Highland region could not compete with the other Wardens in the realm, however due to the mountains and confusing terrain the Highlands fortresses were always highly defendable. Its capital Arv Stormkeer has never been successfully taken by brute force.

Warden of the Marshes | ???
The Marshes are home to forty percent of the population of Penumbria, when conflict arises the Warden always seem to have the most soldiers.

Warden of the Lowlands | ???
Whom who rules the Lowlands has the heart of Penumbria. Historically the Kings of Penumbria always held this title until the rebellions a century ago which limited the power of the monarchy.

Warden of Hightower | ???
The smallest of all the Wardenholds. Due to its isolation from the mainland it has the largest naval force in the realm.

Banns are self controlled by their 'liege'

Character Template
Must include name, role (whom you are choosing to play), brief biography, description, personality, flaws and strengths, equipment.

*No powergaming, no you cannot slay fifty marauding bandits by yourself with your awesome and cool warrior skills.
*Enjoy, that's the whole point right
*Be realistic, no super horse that can travel all around the world in eighty days.
*No supernatural elements in which characters can control, however characters and events can be influenced by seemingly supernatural elements (ghosts, angels appearing in the sky).
*If i didn't make it clear no magic of any sort.
- Doesn't mean you cannot mention anything about magic.
*Creativity pls.
- No godlike hero, do try and make your characters have just as many flaws as he has of good traits.
The Map of the Isles
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Re: Forth Rode the King

Postby Not Me » Thu Apr 04, 2013 11:28 am

Uhm, one question. What will we be doing? I assume our characters would be the wardens or banns, but what would they do besides their political stuff?
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Re: Forth Rode the King

Postby Tydome » Fri Apr 05, 2013 1:00 am

Not Me wrote:Uhm, one question. What will we be doing? I assume our characters would be the wardens or banns, but what would they do besides their political stuff?

You play the role of a noble acting out their life, etc.

I have the same thing on a specialised roleplay forum but i just felt like seeing if anyone was interested here but it seems not :S
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