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My Resources - Free To Use

Postby Danny » Sat Aug 06, 2016 6:35 pm

My Resources

So i've decided it's about time i started making better art and to also share what i create with the 001 community. All resources listed here have also been uploaded to the 001 Resource section, pending approval. Also please let me know what you think and if any art needs changing and how.


Free to use in free and commercial games. You may modify in anyway you wish. You may not use the resources outside of 001 Game Creator, you may not sell the art seperate outside of your game(s) and you may not claim it as you own. No credits needed but would be nice.

Latest Resources

Spoiler: show
Flashlight Effect


Space Jet - Includes particle effect for burner & custom colour supported (Topdown)


Tram - Frontview (Custom Colour supported)


When i create more art i will update this topic and also upload them to engine 001. All tilesets, sprites, items etc have been tested to ensure they work before being uploaded to 001. If you find any issues let me know! Stay updated with this topic for future art. I'm not a great artist and this is a learniing curve for me.

Thanks for reading!

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