Sprite off in interface by 1 pixel

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Subscript out of range error 9: This is a generic error, and we'll need way more information than that to figure out the problem. If you get this, strongly consider following the instructions of submitting your project through the Submit Bug feature within the editor.
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Re: Sprite off in interface by 1 pixel

Postby Mage42 » Sat Dec 16, 2017 11:36 am

Gamerdude wrote:Nah it's all good. I just didn't have any other suggestions, thought that might be the easiest thing to do if it only happened to this one field. If it happens to others, obviously that solution isn't suitable. I don't know what else to suggest unfortunately. Perhaps see if it happens in another project and if it does, it at least means it's not project specific and you can send a bug report.

I submitted a bug report earlier today. I just tested this in a new project and it seems to happen in any project you create. Hopefully this will get looked into via the bug report. Sorry if i came off agitated in anyway, i was not trying to start anything. Thanks for the help.


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