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Me And My FriendMe And My Friend
by Iceman_Achy_Mass

Quite a depressing game I guess.
Don't worry, the next game will be more light hearted, I promise.
Well, this game starts with Miffy getting sacked from her job. I guess it all goes from there. Collect the brains (thoughts) and find out subtle hint ...
Bleach RPG (preview)Bleach RPG (preview)
by septlaxer

Hello, this is my attempt at making a bleach RPG, as it stands i'm not very experienced with the maker and so there will be little bugs, I am basing it on the anime and in this preview i'm showing you a little bit of what I hope to achieve but please ...
by tecnotoad

So, I had an idea for a zombie girl that does stuff (not gonna say r/n because spoilers), however, Ive had this idea recently and im only just getting started on this so it isn't much right now.... But still, I do hope that you enjoy just some simple ...
Modern Passover 3
by Tom SR

A game based on the Jewish celebration, Passover (Pesach). It includes Moses killing an Egyptian, running away, meeting G-d and trying to reason with the Pharoah.

There is one way to get into the Pharaoh's bedroom. If you get in, look inside the ...
Star HeroStar Hero Demo
by Midnight

Star Hero, is a simulation game. The game simulates a guitar.
Star Hero is a game of musical style.

Press Buttons

← yellow
↑ Red
→ green
↓ Blue
developed by Digital ...
The Egg
by mini_man_horror

You must make your way to the ogre, solve his riddle then be transported to the witch where you will be informed about the evaluation of a chick inside an egg.
((this game was for school please don't play it)) ...
CloTTonCloTTon V1
by creativeminds

To vegetable or not to vegetable? That is the question..
Do you have what it takes to clean a world full of fresh vegetables?
Well if you have the courage to do so, then welcome to Clotton.

~Use the the mouse to swipe over the vegetables and cle ...
Cherry Tune :: Demo V 0.1
by DarkEarthDragon

An Action Adventure game that features flight, sprinting, jumping, main story, side stories, farming, property buy/sell, large world for exploring, and more.

You play as Cherry Tune, a young musician who was part of an initial town resettlement. B ...
Tim Golden Eye
by The Flies515

This game is the same game as Golden Eye 007 for the Nintendo 64 published by Rareware in 1997. Only this game takes place in Germany and the characters from Mobster Place Tim play as the 007 characters. This game has all the levels from the Dam to t ...
Poop ClickerPoop Clicker :: 8.2 v099
by kararty

Poop Clicker! (It's an game!)

Click your way to the unlimited amount of poop!
Gain more and more poop and become the greatest poop maker in the world
and then in the universe!
(Please note that this game might make your daily life seem
dist ...
EvalonEvalon Beta v0.15
by Save_us.222

Evalon is a sandbox RPG. You can partake in quests, make money, play minigames, fish, create weapons and armor, and much, much more.

Evalon is currently in its BETA stage. It is lacking many features. These are the features Evalon currently includ ...
Styx - The Pixel Boy Part 1
by Jason_Jedi

What would you do if your nutrients came from videogames? Aha! You'd have to be Styx to find out!

Styx is a classic 13-year-old who has the power of modifying anything virtual. One day, his old brother, Zap, the boy who controls matter, reminded h ...
Far Off EchoesFar Off Echoes Test 1
by Dunce

You wake up in the middle of the night in a forest clearing. You don't recall how you got there, but you decide to get up and find the way out of the forest.

WASD - Walking Around
Mouse Movement - Looking Around
Mous ...
singularity[e]scapesingularity[e]scape Demo
by Dunce

A sequel to dream[e]scape using similar concepts. This time around you are being chased and must finish the level before you are swallowed up.

Demo Notes---
Shows off the Intro and Title Screen. You can then access the test level to try the game ...
Life Arcade
by astrokix

A demo of KingdomKey's free-to-play Life Arcade. For the full game, go to our website.You are able to roam around Sincery City and spend money. This is not the complete version (because the game is a constantly updating BETA) so there are incomplete ...
Galaxy Strike ZioGalaxy Strike Zio Demo V0.1
by ZodanaBorado

Control a Ziotian spaceship and hope to find what you are looking for. It is hidden out somewhere in this Galaxy. Try your best to fight through all the danger that lies within. Demo of the game Galaxy Strike Zio. How high will your score be?

Con ...
Legend of Zekeyian -Legend of Zekeyian - Final Demo V.X
by ZodanaBorado

There is a way to get pass the first Area if you don't have a sword. You would have to look for it by going backwards. Press enter to proceed. When you see the enter icon.( update status ) -Working on the game as hard as possible, had personal proble ...
Zinona BETA 1.2
by Xanos

You wake up in a village, no idea where you are. A man walks up to you and asks if you are okay, soon enough you are fighting giant beasts such as spiders, snakes and crabs!

Choose from a variety of melee and ranged weapons to kill enemies and com ...
Robert Pattinson - VAMPIRE HUNTERRobert Pattinson - VAMPIRE HUNTER
by Iceman_Achy_Mass

I have had this glorious idea for a while - (Glory is in the eye of the beholder) - upon reflecting on how much poor "R-patts" (As he hates to be called) dislikes the Twilight franchise. In this little game he heads out to exact his revenge of sorts. ...
by -David Failla 001-

David wake up in a mistery and terrible forest.
Soon he understand that Forest is habited from a Zombie Army.
Action, Sound, Musics, Weapons, Graphic and more powerfull! ...
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