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Generic ShooterGeneric Shooter v4.0
by Not Me

Possibly the most generic (yet addicting) bullet-hell shooter ever!

You are a @, and you shoot *'s by left clicking. You need to shoot the %'s to earn points. The %'s shoot red *'s, and they will kill you if you are hit by them. *'s will fly in fr ...
Siege Of Hero's.Siege Of Hero's. Complete v0.5
by CalvinTLLH

An tactic battle game of units and buildings. With several different maps to choose from and many unlock able units and buildings to choose from. A balanced system, non stop action, the more you do the more enhance and complex the battle goes. Un ...
O tomoO tomo Teste 0.1
by Boope Boope allw

Em Kidet em 1407 era dia do casamento de Justin Noriôn e Lilit Kidasent. Antes do casamento se iniciar Justin recebeu uma carta de sua mãe Madala Debug Noriôn, disia para ele o encontrala em Maritulis uma aldeia não distante de Kidet para lhe pre ...
The Legacy
by Darkvoid

This will be my 3rd major game project after I finish Oncoming Storm: Darkness Strike. I won't post too much of the plot in the description as it will spoil the game.

The Legacy is a sci-fi, futuristic/steampunk RPG that takes place in Solaris, a ...
Slender 2d isomentric Alpha v1
by Benben516

This is a early slender isometric game i have been working on please rate and commnet bugs it is not finnished features so far:
Slender man (Of course) one world :( A normal female cahrecter :( only 3 rocks to collect, and an easter egg which you h ...
Aginimus Saga - Ep.One - Loss of DualityAginimus Saga - Ep.One - Loss of Duality BETA v1.0
by Mentysamn

Genêro: Medieval, Ação e Rpg
Criador: Mentysamn
Desenvolvedor: Tech Cube!®, ERM Games.

"Por dentro eu sempre me persegui. Eu me tornei intolerável para mim mesmo. Vivo numa dualidade dilacerante. Eu tenho uma aparente liberdade mas estou ...
Monster Hunter MMOMonster Hunter MMO Full Game v0.1
by fallenor

Warning:This game are in Portuguese/Brasilian Language

Monster Hunter MMO:MMO Game created with 001 game engine by:fallenor
Monster Hunter MMo:Jogo de MMO criado co a 001 game engine por:fallenor

descrição:em português

Versão:Full game
NoxNox :: Act v1.7
by CalvinTLLH

Dusk is taking dawn, nothing is filling me turning pain into agony, I was me but now its gone. Nox starts out as a dark Gothic feeling to it in a land of undead and decay, you begin at a faction guild called Necrome, full of necromancers. You do not ...
The Dragon Hunter
by Jason_Jedi

Young Goosplat was told a rumor about the right of his neighborhood, telling him it became dangerous. His dad wouldn`t let him see what was going on untill he found a girl older than he was, who in this case, was Alice. He couldn`t find her, so ...
All Night Banana Castle
by ShanigamiHollow

A short platformer in which you play as a banana man in an attempt to rescue your home from a catchy, musical talent. Along the way, you will collect some bananas. There is next to no real story.

This is my first game, and it's rather messy, but f ...
Quest Master :: 7 Demo V1.1
by adib2008

As you log in to the game, you will started with E class. The goal of this game is to be the best quest master on the world and also to beat your rival, Robert or Catalina (the girl with red cloth in the first screen shot) depending on the gender you ...
Death Maze V0.1.1
by T-Man

Play the role as the hero that will risk his life to save his homeland from the evil Warlock! Cast spells, shoot arrows, and swing your sword in this addictive action RPG!

There is currently about 1-1 1/2 hours of game play available. If I would h ...
Elements RebirthElements Rebirth Public Test
by JamX

Beta Remake on Dawn of the Elements. Just a public "test" demo.
I didn't want to delete the original, because that one is more complete.

<> Arrows: Move
UP Arrow: Jump
Space: Shoot, Pickup

Tell me what you think of the mechanics i ...
by zzmatheuszz

meu primeiro game (editado) esta um pouco maior espero q gostem

my first game (edited) I hope this slightly larger q like

mi primer juego (editado) espero q esta un poco más grande, como ...
Space Shooter v1.3
by EpicyNinja

You shooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot your enemy ships in your starship. You press the arrow keys to move ...
Space Shooter V1.2
by EpicyNinja

Shooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot all of the different starships.

They all have different attack patterns ect.

See if you can beat 2500 or 5000! ...
Castle Maze 8Castle Maze 8 :: 7.86 New Version
by falcon

After so many request i decided to put better graphics on the castle maze 8.
The castle maze 8 is the first game, that i have made with a short number of stages but all them are very difficult to pass. So this game include modern 8bits style music a ...
Legends of Shadowcloak :: Demo v.01
by traxom

A new RPG featuring turn-based first person combat (Like the Dragon Warrior series). You play as Shadowcloak, a mysterious hooded hero whose origins are unknown. Face hordes of monsters,go on epic adventures, and save the world from the HellSpawn. ...
Thiphonia - Crystal StrikeThiphonia - Crystal Strike TEST
by Zorc

The Thiphonia lands are in uproar, spys of the Dragonforce clan have discoverd that the hostile Crystal clan plans to summon the wrath god Cornox to throw the world into endless darkness and pain. Seans hometown gets attacked and is destroyed from th ...
CheckersCheckers 1.1
by Dunce

Here is a simple game of Checkers. Shows off what you can do with Mouse controls. The only thing not in this is extra jumps after capturing a puck.

I will include a link to the source project as well, so you can see how its all made. I put comment ...
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