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TheSacredRealm Alpha Test v02
by xmuzzyx

==Alpha Test==
Hello everyone. This is my first game ever. This is a 2d/3d top down RPG were you play Sieghart, a male protaganist. He wakes up one night to find himself in some weird sanctuary. He discovers a statue of a past "hero" by the name o ...
(404)The Xeron ProjectThe Xeron Project Demo v0.11
by TheSchmittMeister

Half-Update: Beginning is a bit more realistic, Replaced the poisonous gas with a better particle effect. You can also listen to different music i plan to use on the terminal in the starting room...
Update: Music, Sound effects, A loading screen, va ...
by KidTheRaccoon

This is the demo ver.0.1 for the game DEFECT (Working Title).
A man awakes in a hospital after a mysterious disaster has occurred, there is nobody around and the TV are deathly silent. He must traverse through a world of horror and death to find the ...
Kiron :: Demov0.5
by Mordom

Kiron is a world of a hero he wakes up in a starting area and completes his quest and keeps on going to diffrint places and defeats everything in his way and made some awesome cool friends.The game is half finished after i add more maps the game will ...
Experiment XExperiment X Game v1.0
by 11th Hour

You are a black blob of slime that has recently escaped from a science laboratory. You a tyring to get back to the toxic waste dump where your DNA was first discovered.

Cool Features:

Randomized Levels - there are two levels for almost every le ...
(404)Space InvadersSpace Invaders :: 5.8 v0.3
by AznaThira

The greatest classic space shooter ever acurratly revived in the format of engine001!!!!!
-100% perfect Invader sprites.
-sound effects
-New boss feature!
-Classic game feel. ...
(404)FantisyFantisy :: 7.12 (Old content)
by AznaThira

Soon to be the largest game ever to be seen on Engine001, Fantisy is a game were you can create your own character, were you can hunt magnificant monsters and even fight along side gods... Everything you know about 001 is about to change forever. Be ...
Thiphonia - Rage of the GodsThiphonia - Rage of the Gods Demo v0.20
by Zorc


Everything was peacefull until the day an weird clan that called them self Crystal Clan appeared. First they murdered people of any age in the way and plundered villages . The Dragonforce Clan maked it to their main duty to erase that ...
Reincarnation of Silver SpiritReincarnation of Silver Spirit :: Project Canceled
by Cyber Crimson

Reincarnation of Silver Spirit is a traditional Action-Role Playing Game.Before starting the game,you'll be asked a few questions to determine your appearance,skill,and alignment.The story began in a peaceful country called the "Mymorodian Kingdom" h ...
Exciled hero - quest to the homelandExciled hero - quest to the homeland Demo v1

(Demo - not complete yet) You find yourself in a small, iscolated village, unsure of how you got there. Then you remember - you were exciled from your own country. By your father.
Featuring 9 bosses (4 made so far) and heaps of enemies, this game al ...
End DaysEnd Days
by alexithymia22

Fight your way through hordes of Flesh tearing zombies as you search for a new safe place to live out your life. Fight through alone or allow others to join you as you play through a complete open world where choices affect the game play, Tear throug ...
End of the WorldEnd of the World Demo V1
by Luke2172

You play as parker A survivor of the great war

* Music from Fallout 1/2
* Many main quests and side quests
* Many weapons
* Post apocalyptic setting
* Major gameplay choices
* Open World

Demo Features
* First town Fully playabl ...
Petty TheftPetty Theft
by nbell63

This is a game I designed for school based around recidivism. Although it is not very long, it has three stages of clepto fun! Search each level for items to steal, but don't get caught! Power up drinks can be found in each stage, as well, to keep ...
The QuestThe Quest Beta v0.8
by Ethmiester

In The Quest, you wake up from a black out and don't remember anything. You quickly find yourself fighting a crap ton of monsters, not entirely knowing why. This version of Beta features the ability to change your name, more items, clues from an un ...
Quest for Sokrena: Act 2Quest for Sokrena: Act 2 Demo 0.1
by 2cool4me4

Sokrena, it is gone. They destroyed it. You have to get the raw materials to rebuild Sokrena, before it is too late! If no one saves Sokrena, the world is a goner. Play as Sean, the normal man who came to Sokrena on Vacation. He had to get the energy ...
PSI:COPSI:CO :: 6.8 DEMO v0.11
by Tabula Rasa

Uploaded: Demo v0.11 quickfix
* Fixed levelup bug where game would remain paused once finished.
* Fixed bug where weapons would not be properly removed once sewer level was finished.
* Fixed bug where mission log would not properly update.
* Adde ...
dream[e]scapedream[e]scape v1.0
by Dunce

You are Mr. White, a man stuck in a dream world. You must progress up the tower of dreams, each level another floor, so that Mr. White can escape this dream.

Features quick paced obstacle dodging action. Each level's score, as well as your total s ...
Grand ChaseTalesOfDioGrand ChaseTalesOfDio :: complete
by 4Queijos

Neste game, voçê é dio, do famoso game grand chase, e você tem de resgatar seus amigos.
Muito legal, meu primeiro jogo! ;) ...
Silent Space :: Demo v0.1
by RPGCreator

I have begun making a game. This is a short, very short demo we have put together. It's basically a very simple little preview of what is to come. It's been in the works for only a short period anyway, and I think we've made very good progress for th ...
Zombies Arise :: 5.4 DEMO v0.1
by Tyler B

Game Type
Zombie Defence

Producer - Tyler Burt (Now3r3)
Graphics - Tyler Burt(Now3r3)
Testers - Tyler Burt, Bullet9780
Story Line
Zombie' ...
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