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Sample :: Demo v0.1
by Ericao

fases dificeis,procura um jogo dificel ja que todos sao faceis pra voçe?se é isto este é o jogo certo dispute a vida com aranhas monstros e estranhas criaturas,com uma so espada gostou entao jogyue gratis. ...
I love Faith
by fluffypie374

This is game where you play as my beloved Faith and try to earn 500 bucks to marry someone. Faith gets a choice between marrying me or her ex. boyfriend. There is good graphic and awesome gaming created by impulsive scripting techniques! ...
Guerra de Caminos BETA
by theFerociousDonKey

Envía a tus unidades atreves de caminos para derrotar a tu oponente.
Al no estar terminado aun solo se dispone de 1 camino, el de arriba, 3 tipos de unidades distintas, cada una especializada en derrotar un tipo, un máximo de tres unidades a la ve ...
by fluffypie374

Fluffyland is an awesome game by Steven. He has his own website.The game is not fully done and new features may be added daily. This game has beautiful graphics and awesome music. You can do quests, buy and sell things, fight monsters,fish,mine,and e ...
Survival Demo v0.1
by paciulli

Million of animals, plants and trees... the man is the only that can challenges it...

Try this adventure game that shows a little bit of the life of a adventurer.

This game is only a show off with one phase
I am expecting what do you think abo ...
Generic RPG v1.0
by Ethmiester

In this generic RPG, you're a guy who's in a mysterious land without a reason. Walk around and buy stuff for those enemies you'll never incounter. Buy colored clothing and get kewl armor. Discover.... The secret of our world.... (YES, YOU CAN KILL ...
Pokemon DarkCrystal
by Minimum-Blood

Its A Pokemon Game That I Had In Mind...It Sucks Cause Theres Only 4 Gyms And Only 7 Pokemon In The Region...But It Did Let Me Improve My Engine001 Skills! :D ...
Contagion!Contagion! :: Demo v0.1
by lbdl

You're in a zombie apocalypse, what would you do to survive? will need more than teamwork!

you will play with four characters, each has a story that at a certain time they will join.

This set contains

two-player mode

various types of effe ...
CASH - Gotcha
by gabriel191

(back in the game business... omg)
You are Tommy "Crasher" Smith Cash, whose brother is a rich homosexual. Crasher is homophobic and thus, wants his brother down. But wait! It's not that simple. Since 2004(game takes place in realtime), Crasher was ...
T H I R T Y  S E V E NT H I R T Y S E V E N :: 6.83 Demo v2.0
by Ammohead

Your just an ordinary guy and all of a sudden your shooting at zombies trying to find your way to the city at night. You have your trusty .380 but as you progress you'll find plenty more weapons. You will also discover party members. You will have 3 ...
AUA 6 Return Of The World AUA 6 Return Of The World :: 6 Full version v7
by Ammohead

your girl friend was killed by a drug dealear sanders. you returned to beuity city to gather weapons and other things to get revenge and finally be put to peace.Bugs fixed. ...
AUA S E V E NAUA S E V E N :: 8 Demo v4.2
by Ammohead

I have worked so hard on this game. Now please note this is a demo and it will contain bugs. Anyway you get on a plane to beauity city and when you arrive you can explore it. Subway station is now usable and you get to travel 2 the second city. The b ...
funny emo mini game
by tnt735

it is a funny game about two emo friends on a quest to make it home
and kill all the posers before they start getting really bothering to them

*1 weapon

*2 emo friends

maker dylan warrix ...
Supirior Blood Full Game v0.1
by Minimum-Blood

These Two Victims Tell Thier Stories...Zak And Jackson....Two Normal People...Zak Is A Regular Man While Jackson Is With The Army...Jack Gets Taken By Some Unkown Person While Zak Is Almost killed...MB Gaming Presents...Supirior Blood

by Mr Adventure

Your Name is Tommy and
your Job is to Kill
3 Hard Levels of Killing Zombies!!!
Best With Headphones....
And Set video to Windowed mode
Part 2 Coming Soon........
Post Your Scores!!! ...
by levi

this game is about a girl whos car brakes down and se cannot find any town near by but she happens ti think she sees a house in the distance when she goes for a closer look she finds out it is a house but in her doing so she unlockes ghosts using the ...
The Canton BeastThe Canton Beast Demo
by TheRunner

This is the demo for my game the Canton beast, you get to play the Prologue. Which is pretty much a tutorial.

"The stories seemed impossible..But they aren't."

I only thought I was dreaming when I ended up in the dark woods of Canton..Nobody ev ...
Porfirio Meets A GirlPorfirio Meets A Girl :: 8 Demo v0.1
by xWar_and_Piecex

This is all about a Puerto-Rican man (me) who one day meets his favorite celebrity. He has to start from his home and find his way to get to L.A. But how?? Play the game and then you will see!

**Disclaimer: This is a fictional game based on the ...
Kill All ZombiesKill All Zombies FULL VERSION
by paciulli

Kill All Zombies

Cool stuff:
#Exclusive new art
#New Sounds
#New Guns
#Points system and stores
#No bugs
#New Interfaces
#Overrun Mods
7 phases

Are you stressed out? Cash all his anger by killing the dead!
Use Sawed-Off Shotgu ...
Maniwar Maniwar Demo v0.4
by Mortus4

Demo of my game :)

-New characters and Maps

-Big monsters

-Very many animations

Please take a rate to this game :)
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