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rundown side story
by demented_games

this is an alternate little side story to the original rundown game it starts a man who used to know the guy you play as in the original rundown and was his friend intil he was betrayed by him

coming soon.... ...
SimQuestSimQuest :: 5.33 Demo v0.5
by TripleTKYA547

John Smith was just a normal man living in the normal realm of Kingomania. one morning, he found a strange letter addressed to him sitting on his bedside table. It read, "John, go to the King's Castle and tell him to prepare for war. All will be expl ...
Peppy's Adventure Deluxe!Peppy's Adventure Deluxe! :: 7 V.1.23
by Peppy2006

The time is present. The Anti-Dog Corporation is slaughtering or kidnapping hundreds of helpless dogs. They are bent on destroying all dogs. They have never, ever, liked and dogs. They won't give dogs a chance. But one thing they didn't expect, was t ...
Legend of NULegend of NU DEMO v0.2
by googleman

Are you NU to the game

Nu is creature of its own kind. Not the brightest, not the strongest, but he can own the world. With portals leading to his own rivals, he can make through the hardest of obstacles only he can. Locked into the Hall of Nu, ...
The Dungeon Trilogy: Genesis :: BeingMade
by ProbablyNotGreg

Far away in a land full of mystery and deciet...There is born a man/woman of great responisbility...He/She is to roam the land in search for a dark wizard who holds the key to the survival of the human race...Will He/She prevail...Or will He/She fail ...
Apocalypse I - PreludeApocalypse I - Prelude :: 7.2 v0.1
by MIV

The world seems at an end. Rebels, undead, battles of epic proportions. You awaken in Navrosa Station, deep within an underground bunker. But where exactly are you? Who are you? And why are you here?
This Prelude introduces you to the Rebel Threat t ...
Lost Empire :: demo V0.0
by Static

Lost Empire is A Mideval Game Im Working on it Is Also my first. i have Added Credits.. useing Some resorces..
Game Complete
Adding Classess -
Archer exe.
more Resorces
(need to Add Credits when Demo comes out)
Screenshot ...
(404)Survive or ShambleSurvive or Shamble :: wip
by DeathBoxDeadBoxHead

Survive or Shamble 2.0 has taken alot of time as I was always being interrupted in the middle of working on it. As well as trying to juggle work,my future wife,and my friends and other projects.

Anyway This is the work in progress SorS has come a ...
The End :: 14% done
by Ovoon

The End is a remake of my original, end. The original was terrible. Look for this game soon.

Features include:

Open world

Deep storyline

Dark, original game world

The game makes sense now

It has challenge now

Sound effects

M ...
The red knight :: 7.4
by zeblek

you star as a knight when you get a very odd letter from the king to come meet him at the castel now your asking why is it so odd? well the kingdom was a place where nothing ever happend well now i done telling about the story download it and find ou ...
mario legends :: 1.33 demo
by roblox

in this game you play as mario you must find out why monssters are every ware and every ones missing oh dont let toads worth dye or the game quits

this demo has
4 types of enemys 2 normal enemys 1 mini boss 1 boss and a verson of the boss you ha ...
Metal Gear Solid 4 : PreludeMetal Gear Solid 4 : Prelude :: 5.33 V1.0
by adib2008

This is a short game I made in four days.( Yeah, super fast! ) There is no demo for this game. Its a full game. Other version that may come is only fix version(If it has a bug...).

Gray Fox is a slight killer ninja clone. He is still not d ...
AUA5 AUA5 prototype v1
by Ammohead

Customize your home with furniture and now has sound effects for most actions. More to do and cheats can be entered anywhere. New weapons and slightly better graphics then previous versions. and your weapons actually have a use. ...
luigi'z manshon
by dude

ever hered about luigi's manshon? then this will be simular as luigi go's back to the manshon and find's that pofesser e. gadd is traped inside. and the king's got a queen. mario in carge of e. gadd's labotry, seeing luigi, prenicess peach and dasy. ...
my lifemy life :: 5 v1.2
by dude

this is a HUGE GAME. it has a file of 68.59MB. the uprated verishon is now out with a Luigi's mansion (not finished) it's like 2 games in 1. and has prank calling in it.and u can go underwater and have a trident. now has cheat codes. ...
Cantrel: Chorus Of SoulsCantrel: Chorus Of Souls :: 6.94 Demo1
by evergreen


CCOS is a fantisy RPG, similar to Final Fantasy and Grandia, where you get to choose your characters sex, name and element.

Reasorces are 50% made by me, 25% Ripped and 25% Standard

Thousands of years ago there ...
The AssasinThe Assasin :: 6.34 1.2 Exclusive
by adib2008

THE ASSASIN V.1.2 Exclusive

This game takes you to the live of Bruce, an assasin. He just run from the Las Vegas's polices and arrive at a dark city controlled by gangs like Mafia, Triads and Diablo, the one and only Justice City. His friend Micha ...
Joe The StickMan :: 6.73
by Scuddle

An Awesome Game about a stick Man Named JOE. Simple and addicting.
Described in two words.
"Hella-Awesome" Training to be funky Joe Must battle StickMen Snipers Bosses Zombies Parasitic Monsters Lizardous Monsters and other creatures. Go to my web ...
Paint And BloodPaint And Blood Demo v1
by tracelight24

This is the first demo of Paint and Blood. This includes only the first mission where you destroy communications for the Federal guard.

The game is about a man named Silver (you). Its the year 2094 and the world broke into Chaos. A global ...
Welcome to Tutorial IslandWelcome to Tutorial Island :: 4.8 Demo V1
by tracelight24

... This is only the demo, but should be functional and give you a glance at the gameplay and storyline. Please comment in the forums, thanks.

And now... for the plot! - - -

One day you find yourself bored at your house and realize the phones ...
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