Generic Shooter :: v4.0

by Not Me (PM)

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Game Language: English
Game Category: Shooter
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Game Description

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Possibly the most generic (yet addicting) bullet-hell shooter ever!

You are a @, and you shoot *'s by left clicking. You need to shoot the %'s to earn points. The %'s shoot red *'s, and they will kill you if you are hit by them. *'s will fly in from the sides of the screen as well. You can earn extra points by grabbing &'s that appear.
There are three difficulty levels: easy, normal, and hard. %'s and *'s will appear faster at higher difficulties.

This is really something I just threw together in two days because I was bored. Enjoy it anyway!

Update! Now the random *'s have been replaced with ^'s, and bosses (#'s) will appear as well. Also fixed a bug where you could still shoot after dying.

Update Again! Bored, so I added sound fx and fixed a bug with bosses not restoring their health after dying.

Update Again Again! Added Survival mode and high score reset buttons.

Another Update! Added some real bosses. ;) Also sped up the player's shots.

Yet another Update! Added music and a bunch of graphical stuff, switched the ^'s back to *'s because they were a bit difficult to see, and made enemies drop bonus point items occasionally.

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Released: November 13, 2012, 17:00
Total downloads: 136.
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Danny: Great game, really enjoyed it :D 10

tower07: You are very good at making simple but addicting games! If I were to make this, I'd end up over-complicating everything...