Kinetic Cat

by dragonnutds (PM)

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Game Language: English
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This game contains Mischief.

Game Description

####IMPORTANT, I lost the game data to a computer crash, so I can not fix the bugs. Please do not bother submitting any####

This is my entry into the 001 Arcade Contest.

This game was plays exactly like a arcade that you would find in a Laundromat or pizza parlor... well, more acutely, like a port console port of one because I gave you a luxury of a menu screen, but if you would go into arcade emulation, then it will play exactly like it would in the arcades. Quarters and all.
Just be sure to wait out the opening screen screens, even past the menu. How you learn to play just like on a real machine, vie the on screen instrutions.

You play as a cat fleeing from a lab performing less than legal experiments on you. You can not stop running because your molecules will fall apart if you do. Will you be able to help the cat escape?

This game has


You hotseat with a friend, taking turns when one dies or completes a level. You each have your own life count, score, level. Both players even have a chance at the high score list.

high score table

A 5 score table that you will idiomatically get put onto when if you make the grade.

arcade emulation

Play the game exactly how you would in the arcades.

full soundtrack

Made out of open domain songs from the Mutopia Project.

Complete list of costom sound effects

I made all of the sound effects using a noise generation program.

difficulty curve

The game loops over the four levels, but good luck beating them more than once a playthrough. Every level gets progressively faster with less time on the clock. Making it harder to get more points.

Thank you for taking the time to try the game, I am sure you will enjoy it. Please do not forget to rate the rating you feel it deserves.

this game is fairly buggy, due to a rush to get it out in time for the contest... please leave any bugs you find in the comments :)

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Released: August 1, 2011, 15:36
Total downloads: 192.
Users downloaded: 149

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Fizi: This is a fun game

haraldx: Rather confusing, but fun and enjoyable.

Dunce: I didn't understand at first what the goal was. I guess its just staying alive as long as you can?