Sharpened Steel :: v1.6 Full

by Eclectic gaming (PM)

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Game Language: English
Game Category: Action RPG
This game contains Violence, Blood.

Game Description

Game Updates:
More Spells!
More Activities!
More Quests!
And More!

A fantasy role-playing game set in the land of Stratom, you can explore deserts, forests, jungles, and even underwater. Hundreds of people to interact with, dozens of quests to complete. In Stratom, the choice is yours.

Hours of gameplay, many quests, lots of monsters and hundreds of things to do, Sharpened Steel never runs out of possibilities.

Gameplay features:
Long quests with fun stories
Monsters varying from cute and cuddly, to fierce and deadly
A huge world to explore
Many items to buy and discover
Buy houses and rent them out, become the Lord of Landlords.
And much, much more.

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Released: July 16, 2016, 5:25
Total downloads: 2542.
Users downloaded: 1824

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tonywelch15: good game to play i like how you can buy houses

Sheldor: One of the best games on the website.

001gamer: Haven't completed it yet, but it's looking good so far.

Danny: Great game, some maps are a little to large with hardly any content but still a great game! Well Done.

degu111: Great game! What water do you use? It's amazing!

gerardred: Nice ! but many thing still need to be improved

skullboy99: Hello, i was going to show you a review video, but it ended up deleting and took me about 2 hours to make... :| anyways, heres my review on text... I thought the story was not to interesting, the first area you start in was small and felt like the tutorial on 001 game creator (how to make quests), whenever i went into the so called "open world" there was hardly any furniture in this area and the Npc's didnt even face the position they were walking to. I walked on these trails as it took me to seperate small maps, which did not lead to anywhere else. i did not know how to start any quest or story, i was lost the whole time. the graphics was 001 Default, which is boring, the Music was 001 Default (Boring too) and there was no sounds at all, which makes things a bit to quiet. Overall i felt like i was playing a First game a game creator has ever made. Small maps, No sounds, Default 001 stuff... I rate 5, this game needs ALOT of work in order for it to be Rated 10..

rafakun: Great game! but kinda confuse sometimes

Merlin_Kalkinput: Like others, very confused on how I feel about this game

InsaneToe: Completely confused on really what to do or where to go. When I begin it has a great feel for it but then it just go down a huge slope. I begin the game and get to the town, go left and get rekt by an enemy within a few seconds. It needs a lot of improvement but it does have potential if the time is put into it.

Gamerdude: It was definitely a fleshed out game, but it needs some improvement - the first needs to be the text color. The background made it incredibly hard to read the text. Maps were laid out okay but pretty barren, and a lot of the quests did feel like they were just there because you were following the built-in tutorials. The introduction should present more of the story, instead of having to finish the tutorial first before anything really story-driven happens. It's nice to see a length RPG but it needs polish.

Mike Stephen: I do not have the slightest idea if this game is great.