The Lone World I :: Coming Soon

by Zaiarogi (PM)

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Game Language: English
Game Category: Action RPG
This game contains Mischief, Violence, Blood.

Game Description

The Lone World I: Crystals to Save us All
Style: Action/RPG (Pro Assets)
Most worlds in the Final Multiverse have twin or triplet worlds that are linked together through chains and portals. Each of these groups of worlds are encased by huge bubbles of atmosphere that circle them. The Final Multiverse is made up of a central world (the world our main character lives on, Algond) and rings of world groups around it. Each ring is numbered in roman numerals and each ring is connected by tubes of air that connect the air bubbles to the ones immediately around it in its ring. These twin and triplet worlds are useful because they provide transportation if a world is under chaos.
The center world, Algond, had four crystals in its corners that allowed the Algonians to travel to the four world groups in Ring I. The Algonians treasured these with their lives. But to no avail. A dark thief named Zzamra used an arcane force named Unbalance to shatter the crystals into fragments, which were scattered across Algond. But it was not only the crystals that faded. With them went the hope of any salvation from chaos that would probably be brought upon the Algonians by Zzamra.
But this was just a legend ... it couldn't be real ... could it?
All his life, Zaiarkai Flamewind has wondered about the old legend his parents used to tell him. Could it be real? he wondered. He was never quite sure. The town historians said Algond had never had any means of salvation from chaos, that they were doomed for having no twin or triplet worlds. On the other hand, the men in the taverns and the priests believed that the legend was so.
Ever since he was orphaned, he has been searching for a home, and he is beginning to forget his favorite childhood tale.
He has lived at the inn in a town called Westwind for about two weeks now. As a man named John Gunndery teaches him how to use his father's old knife and slay the forces of evil, he decides to set out and find out whether or not the legend is true. And if it is, he has to collect the twelve crystal fragments and provide salvation for the Lone World.
-Quest Log
-Thirteen Dungeons
-A large world to explore
-Towns with Different Beliefs
-Hidden Party Members
-Different Ores
-A Wide Variety of Monsters
-Both Strange Items and Ones Well Known From Other RPGs
-Scripts and Resources from Other 001 Users
-Many Weapons and Armors
-HOPEFULLY a Map To See All of Algond
-And More...
Q = Open Quest Log
M = Open World Map (If I Make a Working Map)
W/Up = Move Up
A/Left = Move Left
S/Down = Move Down
D/Right = Move Right
Left Shift = Jump
Ctrl (Control) = Use Weapon
Spacebar = Use Magic
Esc (Escape) = Menu
Enter = Interact
Z = Previous Weapon
X = Next Weapon

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