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Using Variables :: Extremely Helpful
by Darkvoid

A tutorial of basic /advanced uses of variables, and how your gameplay can be enhanced by using them.
Collaborative Game Development :: Extremely Helpful
by Samulis

This guide will outline the basics of successfully making a game with a team of developers, from numbers to timelines to what each person's task is to get it done on time.
Mountain Tileset Creation :: Extremely Helpful
by metomunc

Learn how to make mountain tilesets for the creation of climbable mountains like the Great Mountain in Wolf Hunt.
Fishing :: Extremely Helpful
by AznaThira

This will be about how to make interactive fishing, were the fish can steal your bait and how you can catch many different types of fish.
Connecting Two Maps Together :: Extremely Helpful
by Lee

In this tutorial you will learn the various ways of connecting two maps together in 001.
Objective Compass :: Extremely Helpful
by Gamerdude

Another tutorial on how to make an objective compass. Simple and quick to make.
Performing a Double Jump :: Extremely Helpful
by Stephen Chapman

A detailed tutorial describing how to successfully create the ability to double-jump.
Custom Events and Earthquake Camera Effect :: Extremely Helpful
by evergreen

Learn how to make your own custom events through creating a useful earthquake event which causes the camera to shake up and down violently.
Lighting :: Extremely Helpful
by Samulis

A tutorial strictly about light and how it works, in both 001 and in the pictures that you make.
Day and night cycle :: Very Helpful
by thutman

For a day/night cycle.
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