Create Your Own Custom InGame Message System

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Closing and Explanations:

That is how you create a simple custom message system. Now before someone complains that I demonstrated this improperly or could have completed it a more effective way, please realize that I spent a lot of time deliberating on what sort of message system would be the best for me to demonstrate. I decided on this simple system with basic Yes/No function because I see it as an easily accessable base for anyone to expand on.

For example, if you wanted a Continue button, or an Exit button, you could easily look at how the Yes And No buttons were created and simply add new buttons as you see fit. Another personal choice is the use of Custom Events. They are by no means necessary for this script to operate (everything they do can just be duplicated like the other code) but I feel like they provide some easy Custom Event experience for people new to Engine001.

In closing, I hope this tutorial helps many users establish and create their own message systems. As I stated before, this is not a RIGID set of script. It is completely open to change as you like, if you see a way to make it more efficent, DO IT. In Engine001 there are numberless ways to accomplish everything, don't be afraid to experiment.

Thanks for reading and remember to vote!

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